Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Village Tavern Favorites!


       Okay so this is really a delayed post. In fact it's 8 months delayed hehe. Just wanted to share with you one of our favorite restaurants in the Metro. Village Tavern by Bistro Group. It was love at first bite. (Read about my hubby's review here). After tasting their delicious menu, we knew it was going to be the start of something good! So anyway, we love Village Tavern so much that Richie and I decided to take my sister there as a birthday dinner with my Dad and of course the little Rainbow.

       Village Tavern is at the 2nd floor of the Bonifacio High Street Central. It's that restaurant that has that cabin feel in its interiors.

Waiting for a table. Place is packed!
       The place was packed when we got there but the servers were organized in cueing the customers like Flo in Diner Dash. Not too long after, we were finally seated at a nice booth (albeit a bit cramped especially when you have a rambunctious 1+ year old baby sitting beside you, but we don't mind!)

       As usual, we let Richie do the ordering. That's his expertise! He ordered us the Village Tavern Sampler (P795) which was a good call because we got to sample all their top appetizers: calamari, spring roll, crab cake, and pulled pork quesadilla. 

       It would not be right if we didn't order the Blackened Shrimp (P595) which is my ultimate favorite appetizer. Sure it's a bit steep but oh my goodness you will not mind the price once you get a taste of this creamy Bayou cream sauce! It was a perfect mix of saltiness and a tiny bit of heat! Sort of like curry, kind of... To tell you honestly, this was the main reason why we took there at Village Tavern. This is what I have been raving about. And yes they loved it!

       This is our favorite pizza from Village Tavern. The Gruyere Applewood - Smoked Bacon and Caramelized Onions (495). First of all who doesn't love bacon? Second of all, we just love the sweet aroma of the applewood plus the sweetness  and saltiness of the caramelized onions. I think this may be one of my favorite pizza in general!

       I ordered the Panko Crusted White Fish Fillet was also awesome. The lightness of the fish plus the creaminess of the sauce went really well together. Sort of like fish and chips but with rice and salad. My only comment? I want more sauce!

       My sister and dad ordered the Braised Beef and they seemed to love it. The meat was very soft and seasoned well. Good fat to meat ratio too! If I'm not mistaken, this and the Panko Crusted fish isn't really a part of the regular menu. But you can ask your friendly server for this.

       Richie I think had some sort of steak. (Hun, help! I can't find what you ate on the menu! Probably not a part of the regular menu too? Anyway the smile on his face says it all. He loves meat!

       We ended the meal with this HUGE Double Decker Cheesecake (P450)! It was called double decker for a reason. It had thick layer of chocolate cheesecake and then another thick layer of the traditional cheesecake on a plate drizzled with raspberry and chocolate sauce. I love the fact that it's not overly sweet. It's just really huge. One person can't finish this. Unless you're a cheesecake monster.

       One other reason why we love dining at Bistro Group is because of the Premier Card. This card costs P2,500 but it has so much perks and discounts already and is applicable in any Bistro Group restaurant.

       During each dine, you can get 20% OFF your bill just by presenting your Premier card. And then you also get 25% OFF your bill on your Birth Month. (Happy Birthday!). Next you can also get 30% OFF your bill every Monday. (No more manic Mondays!). The card also includes two 40% OFF Dining Vouchers up to P3,000 spend. It also has six Appetizer Vouchers, plus Complimentary Coffee or Tea for every visit. Good for coffee lovers like me!

       Anyway, even though the prices are a bit on the steep side, our tummies were beyond satisfied. Overall it was a good birthday dinner for my sister. 'Till this day she dreams of the Blackened Shrimp. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing half of your life! (Except if you're allergic to shrimps and other shellfish creatures hehe)


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