Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Fun Cooking Class!: Knorr Kitchenhood Clinic

       I've never really been into cooking. One time I attempted making chicken stock for Rain but instead I ended up with a burnt pot of nothingness. So whenever I try to cook something decent, I need all the shortcuts I can get. That's when Knorr steps in. Knorr really makes cooking so much easier, especially for moms like me who don't know the difference between a red onion and a white onion. 

       I can't believe Knorr has been around 175 years! And for their 175th anniversary, they are launching the Knorr Kitchenhood Clinics. It's a fun cooking clinic that I very fortunately got invited to last week at The Cookery Place!

       Honestly I thought we were just there to cover the event and take photos. The usual. But then they whipped out a bag of Knorr aprons for everyone to wear, and we got to pair up with a partner, then pick the dish we were going to cook. It was so exciting I felt like I was in a Masterchef episode!

Sari Jorge
       With us was Sari Jorge of 25 Mushrooms fame, who has an incredible fashion for food and is getting known as a "saviour" in the kitchen for housewives like me who struggle in preparing homemade meals. Basically, she makes cooking restaurant-quality meals in an easy way.

       I teamed up with Joan (wife of The Food Alphabet). We could not resist taking selfies with the apron haha! We were tasked to cook an Indonesian Chicken Satay (which I will be sharing the recipe of in a separate post).

The Cookery Place. A nice venue for cooking class events!

                                     With a few final instructions, off we went to cook our dishes!

Our station has every cooking tool we'll need
Cutting boards are color-coded.

Marinating,threading, and cooking the chicken and beef satay

       Here's the kicker! For the sauce, we used Knorr Kare-Kare mix and Ginataang Gulay mix to substitute for peanuts and milk. Amazing! If this was served to me at a restaurant I honestly wouldn't have noticed the difference! it was really good!

Picture again while waiting for the satay to cook. Ms. Anna from Knorr was our guide!

Joan putting finishing touches!

Tadaaa! Our final plate! Indonesian Chicken Satay
       Okay I'll admit that the nasi goreng rice and the chips were already pre-made for us hahaha! But everyone seemed to enjoy our dish!

More cooking photos of other teams here:

       And these are the other amazing dishes they cooked with Knorr products! Yes I will also be sharing these recipes very soon! :-) Don't they look gorgeous?:

Beef, Chicken, and Shrimp Fajitas

Paella Negra
Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing

Mushroom Cannelloni
Chicken Parmigiana

       And then it was food tasting time! I was able to try all the dishes and they were all superb!

       Thank you so much Knorr for launching this fun Kitchenhood Clinic! And happy 175th Anniversary! Thank you for continuously being a home maker's best friend!

Excited to cook with ease with this amazing loot bag!
       Wait! The Knorr celebration doesn't end there! For Knorr's 175th anniversary, Knorr partners up with the World Food Program (WFP) to hold the Food for Change Event happening on October 19, 2013. It's a unique food fair event at Mercato Centrale, Fort Bonifacio Global City where you can enjoy tasting food samples cooked with Knorr. Over 50 concessionaires will be participating. With this event, Knorr and WFP aims to raise awareness on Global Hunger. That being said, proceeds generated from ticket sales will be matched by Knorr and will go to WFP. 

       So if you have time on October 19, have a food trip with Knorr for a casue! See you all there!


  1. Thank you for this, Rina! Hope you had fun at the cooking class ;)

  2. I wish I was invited and have been teamed up with you. Haha! Wow at your loots. Bet ko yung knife!! :)

  3. Wow! I'm wishing for that stuff too

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