Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Fun Weekend at F1 Hotel Manila!

       Being a work-at-home-mom may look easy from the outside looking in. After all, we're just home all day. Don't need to get up hours earlier to prepare for work. We can take quick naps in the middle of the day if we wanted. We can just watch our favorite TV programs while working. We're just a few steps away from our fridge. You get the picture. But I wish it was that easy. Truth is, I don't event have time to do other important things like play Plants Vs. Zombies except at night when everyone's asleep hahaha!

Excited to check in!
       That's why whenever my little family (no pun intended) gets a chance to have a staycation, my answer is always a big HELL YEAH!!! This means relax time for Mommy Rina! And this time we're lucky to be invited back for a second staycation at F1 Hotel Manila! (See our awesome first staycation here).

       This was the second Blogger's Event at the F1 Hotel in BGC and this time we were with other amazing bloggers and their lovely families!

Mr. Tony Co and his staff

       Mr. Tony Co, F1's Director of Operations who personally welcomed us at the Premier Lounge made an introduction to their Cafe's Christmas Buffet menu spread by the Executive Chef, the ever famous Mr. Sau Del Rosario. Yep, this early on, F1 already has the Yuletide season going on! More on this feast on The Pickiest Eater!

       The great thing about staycations is that it's just plain relaxation. Period. Just stay in the hotel and enjoy the soft bed, fluffy pillows, the cool airconditioning, glorious food, and all the facilities it has to offer. It's during this time that you can leave all your house-related stress at home and just be carefree even for just 24 hours.

       And though I was looking forward for a well-deserved RnR for myself, I was more excited for Rain to have a change of scenery as well and run around the hotel room and play all day long!

       First thing we do when we check-in in a hotel with Rain is unplug all phones. Yes, she loves playing pretend-call-with-Elmo. You can already see her going for the phone as soon as we enter this lovely bedroom.

       And as you can see, their Fort Suite has a lot of space Rain can run around in!

       We definitely felt at home here. Especially when we turned on the TV and saw that FRIENDS was playing on Jack TV. This episode is so funny! Ross' spray-on tan gets out of control!

 Ooops! Looks like Rain wants to "call" dibs on the master's bedroom! And looks like Mr. Zamora is not amused...

  Now she's calling dibs on the living room! She's everywhere!

       Then we're off to lunch at the F1 All-Day Cafe. Richie and I definitely enjoyed their new Yuletide spread....

 ....most especially the Christmas Ham (drool). More on the food review coming soon of course from the The Pickiest Eater. 

       But with all the glorious food, Rain particularly loved the Egg Drop soup!

Group pic time with the Mommist and her adorable boys!
But looks like Rain can't be bothered while watching Sesame Street hahaha!
The simple yet nicely designed and spacious bathroom of the Fort Suite
       My routine with Rain everyday is that around after lunch, I give her a quick bath so she feels refreshed before taking a nap. Usually she likes swimming on bathtubs but even if our suite didn't have one, that wouldn't stop Rain from having a fun bath time!

       ....So I took the shower hose, placed it on the floor so it sprayed like a fountain. She went nuts! She loved it so much she didn't want to leave the shower! Yep, she loves the water!

      In the late afternoon, after some siyesta time for Richie and Rain (and tv time in the living room for me), we took Rain for a swim. Since it was a gloomy day, the water was a bit cold. So we didn't stay for long especially when it started to rain (but mind you, Rain, like her dad, doesn't get cold easily. In fact she kicks her blanket at night while sleeping even with the aircondition on. Okay I'm being a defensive mom haha!) But despite the cold water, Rain still had loads of fun (Isn't it obvious in this picture? Hehehe)

       She even met a lot of new friends! Here we are with the handsome and super nice boys of The Mommist

      I guess I forgot to mention that during our assembly downstairs with the other bloggers, the F1 Management gave us a box of Croquembouche, a lovely holiday-themed dessert. So after our swimming, Rain and I both felt like having a snack. Perfect time to eat the croquembouche! It was soft and not overly sweet. the creamy centers had different flavors and colors.

I had around 3 pieces, Richie had about 2, and Rain ate the rest! I couldn't believe it!  She kept asking for more and more and more. (By the way, thanks Spanky for giving her another box! Hehehe)

       F1 Hotel Manila has only one Spa room but I must say they really made the most out of it. It has 2 beds,

       ....and on the right side is a nice tub  surrounded by stones. So zen-ish!

On the far left side are two lounge chais for mani pedi!

And from there you can see the entrance to the Jacuzzi area
The Jacuzzi deserves a solo shot!

There is also a steam room right by the Jacuzzi

This would be a perfect treat for couples! Down side? It's hard to book the room since there is only one. But you can still get a nice massage via room service. No need to leave your room for a good massage! They will come to you!

The following day....

       Come the next day, it's breakfast buffet time! They have a pretty good spread of breakfast favorites such as bacon (of course), adobo which I liked, fluffy eggs as well as an omelette station, two kinds of cereals, and of course pancakes and waffles.

Rain enjoyed her plate of fruits for breakfast. I'm honestly beginning to think she's a fruitarian. She would choose fruits over rice. But I'm not complaining! :-)

       I would honestly recommend F1 Hotel Manila to any balikbayan relatives looking for a place to stay in Manila. The location is perfect because its right smack in the middle of BGC. Very accessible from EDSA and C5. not to mention that right across is SnR, and on the next block is Mercury Drug. On the other side is Starbucks. (Yes sometimes coffee is a necessity hehehe)

Checking out. F1 gets a lot of claps from Baby Rain! :-)

       Thank you once again F1 Hotel Manila for another excellent staycation!



  1. Thank you, Rins! :-) We miss Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hehehehe thanks too for posing with us hahaha! your little big boys are so bait! :-)

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