Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beautiful Coffee Art by Hotel Celeste's Angelo Abordo

Angelo Abordo
       Meet Angelo Abordo. A passionate barista that we met during at a lovely dinner at Hotel Celeste Makati  (dinner post coming soon at The Pickiest Eater). A humble-looking guy with mad skills in coffee art! It was my first time to witness coffee art, actually. So needless to say I was really mesmerized!

       Oh, and he's not just a professional barista. He's currently a Management Trainee at The Cravings Group. I'm impressed! Check out these beautiful works of (coffee) art he did for us!

My favorites are these cups:

Heart Tulip
Ballerina --- Can you see it? :-) It took me a while too! But once you see it, it's beautiful!
Hint: Her arms are over her head, her face is heart-shaped because of her beautiful wavy dark hair, and her skirt is flowing from twirling!

       I want to kick myself in the shin because I couldn't find the other solo shots I took of the other cups... either that or I was completely distracted by the actual making of the coffee art that I forgot to take photos of the others hahaha!

Check out Angelo in action! Here's two of the many videos I took...

       It was heartbreaking for me to drink my cup of cappuccino because I didn't want to ruin the art. But the thing is, it wasn't only pretty, it was delicious too! 

       Next time I meet my girls for a cup of yummy cappuccino or a latte, I'll definitely suggest The Coffee Shop of Hotel Celeste Makati!

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Okay so for those who didn't get the ballerina, here's the best drawing I could make from powerpoint shapes hehehe:


  1. Thank you Ms. Rina for featuring my craft!

    1. It was my pleasure, Angelo!!! :-) Can't wait to go back! :-)

  2. We are looking for a nice coffee shop for the night but I ended up reading your posts. hehehe... I still couldn't figure out the ballerina latte art.

    1. Hi Joy! Okay I will make an illustration and update this post with it hehehe :-) Once you see it kasi you'll be mesmerized! ;-)

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