Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Christmas with Seattle's Best (And the 2014 Dream Journal!)

       Christmas is such a magical time for a child. I vividly remember when I was about 4 years old I think. I woke up in the morning of December 24 and I was so excited. Still on my jammies, I was panicking, looking for my Christmas shoes already for our Christmas gathering. I don't know why I thought I was late or something when the party was happening at our house. (Just one of the bits and pieces I remember during my early years as a human being)

       I miss the days when I still believed in Santa Clause. My parents and relatives would have us believe that they had Santa Clause picked up from the airport where Santa parked his reindeer. Then all the kids would gather by the Christmas tree, my grandmother would start to play Christmas songs on the piano which signals that Santa Clause is very near. I can still remember my heart racing and my palms getting sweaty. And then we would hear someone ringing a bell. SANTA IS HERE!!!!!!!

       Just a few days ago, I recall having a conversation with a friend about how Christmas feels so different as an adult. There's not much magic anymore especially when we face adult challenges. It would be nice to be like a kid again during this time of year. And the smart marketing minds of Seattle's Best are doing something to pull us back to our carefree childhood mindsets!

       Seattle's Best Coffee is spreading the spirit of Christmas to us adults and make us feel like kids again!

       Shops have been decorated and transformed to look like a Christmas toy shop! Soldiers, blocks, trains, the famous toys that kids ask for from Santa! Surely the spirit of Christmas will be seen in every corner of the shop!

Photo from SBC Phil

       And they have made overflowing cups of happiness with their Christmas drink specials with flavors that are associated with Christmas too! It's literally like Christmas in a cup!

       Eggnog is a drink that has become tied with the holidays in America starting way back 1700s, and eventually in some parts of the world making their own versions. Now SBC has made their own version calling it the Eggnog Frost. It's SBC's white chocolate mocha with eggnog and cinnamon vanilla. And then topped with yummy whipped cream with tiny silver bead candies. It's so pretty!

       The Gingerbest is sort of like cookie butter in a cup because of the gingerbread syrup drizzled on SBC's white chocolate mocha. Again it is dressed in whipped cream, sprinkled with tiny red and green Christmas trees and topped with a super cute gingerbread man candy. The child in me was imagining that the whipped cream was a snow-capped mountain with pine trees and imagining myself skiing down the slopes!

       I usually don't like the combination of chocolate and mint that's why I was surprised when I tasted SBC's Cookies and Mint and actually liked it! The mint is not too strong and the cookies not too sweet. It's just right for me! This is SBC's classic mocha mixed with Oreos, drizzled with mint syrup, topped with whipped cream and again dusted with crushed Oreo cookies!

       And last but definitely not the least, is my favorite, the Roasted Hazelnut (Makes me want to sing "Hazelnut roasting on an open fireee....") It's SBC's mocha mixed with roasted hazelnut and coffee syrup and then frosted with whipped cream, red, green, and yellow Christmas balls with snowflake designs, and dusted with more crushed hazelnut for that added texture.

       But the holiday season goodies doesn't stop at Christmas! They've also prepared a little nice something for the New Year!

The Seattle's Best Dream Journal 2014!

It's got a really soft leather-like cover with a magnet lock

       The artworks per month are really beautiful! And what I love about it is that it doesn't have any dates on the pages. This works well for me since I often forget to write on my planners everyday. No pages will be wasted.

       But each month has a spread of dates so you can still jot some notes there and not necessarily on the notes pages,

It comes with a music CD compilation

A super nice metal bookmark


A small note pad that you can fold into a little envelope (so cute!)

and P3,000 worth of coupons!

And it even comes with a portable coaster for two!

       This is by far one of the coolest and prettiest planners I've seen! I'm surprised they didn't throw in the kitchen sink. Not only are these planners worth it because of all the stuff it comes with it, but because the redemption of these planners will benefit 16 children of Wold Vision!

Here's how to claim these awesome planners:

       So head on over to your nearest Seattle's Best Coffee and feel like a kid again, and most of all, help a kid again!!!

Follow Seattle's Best on Facebook! And see all SBC branches here!


  1. Oh wow! great Christmas treats!! I'm loving the new diary/journal.. Parang ayaw ko sulatan

    1. I have the same dilemma! parang ayaw ko sulatan hahaha! :-)))

  2. I really want one... exchange pls... Starbucks magenta planner to seattle's planner... ��

    1. Hi Angel! :-) As much as I would love to help you, I love my SBC planner too much! hehehe :-) Sorry! :-)

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