Thursday, October 10, 2013

iPhone Pregnancy App: Baby Bump

       Fiddling an old phone proved to be good time spent because I was able to reminisce on apps I used before during my pregnancy days. I previously posted Pink Pad (an app I used when we were still trying to conceive) so now let me share with you this pregnancy app called Baby Bump!

       I don't know how I could have mentally survived my 9 months of pregnancy without this app. As a first time mom, I was the curious type. And I'm a visual type of person. I wanted needed to know and visualize a sperm's journey so I can visualize myself conceiving. (Yes I can be very weird). So of course I also needed to know exactly how my baby looked like as it develops from a single-celled organism to a healthy human. And this app was the perfect tool! (And yes it's free from the Apple App Store!)

       You need to enter your name and baby's due date (assuming of course Pink Pad already told you you're delayed and you also already got 2 lines on your pregnancy test) This app will show you weekly information on the development of your baby, you can also change the themes of the app hehe. And a whole lot of other features!

       Once you filled out your information, the welcome screen will show you a quick summary of how far along you are, which trimester you're in, and how many days left to go. On the bottom part there's like a "loading" bar that marks how far along you are already. And then you can see the features of this app here as well. Under photos, you can take photos of yourself showing your tummy. It's really a cool way of documenting your tummy size! 

       Here is a sample of the weekly info. It says the approximate size of the baby, comparing it to a vegetable or fruit size, and the baby's approximate weight.

       There are three thumbnails on the top. One of you (your tummy photo of the week), one is an illustration of how the baby might look like at that stage, and the last one would be an illustration of your tummy and how the baby might be positioned inside. 

       And then on the bottom, some reference on the baby's estimated development, and your development as the mom as well (what you might be feeling and experiencing, and how to deal with those)

Here's a screenshot of my tummy gallery! :-) Sorry can't show all it doesn't fit on the screen.

       This app also has a huge baby name database. You can search based on origins and popularity and you can bookmark / mark as favorite the ones you like.

       For those who don't know, Rain's full name is Renee Amelie. It's French :-) It also shows the meaning of each name.


       This app also comes with a kick recorder, and a contraction recorder. This can help you track the kicks and contractions you feel. Yes this is important because your OB might ask you these things. If the kicks od the baby are too plenty for one session, the app will show a pop-up message saying the maximum kicks in a certain time has reached and that you need to consult with your doctor.

       There's also a section with a video that shows how the baby is ideally pushed out of your uterus and into the world during a normal delivery. Apparently it's not as easy as PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! It has to be done in a timely manner to make sure the baby comes out smoothly without any complications.


       The app also has groups where you can read other users pregnancy experiences and queries that can help. Same as today's Facebook mommy groups.

       Technology really amazes me. And it's all thanks to this iPhone app for helping me throughout my pregnancy by documenting my journey and also by helping me understand when and when not to freak out about something.

Disclaimer: App layout might have changed. These screenshots are from my old iPhone 3G.


  1. Renee Amelie! What a lovely name!!! Did you get it from the Audrey Tautou movie? I really thought her name was Rainbow, which is a pretty one too! Great post! Makes me miss being preggers again... ha ha ha ha! :)

    1. Yep! Nickname Rain from Renee. I just like to call her my little Rainbow :-)

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