Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trying-To-Conceive Apps: Pink Pad

WARNING! This post is about girl stuff. Guys, move along! Nothing to see here! Except when you're trying to conceive with your partner for the first time :-)

       Time really does fly when you're a first time mom. I can't believe it's already Rain's birth month and that she's turning 2 in a few days. Seems like only yesterday when I would feel a bit bitter towards couples who would send out pregnancy announcements before me ahahahaha... (sarcastic laughter).

       I was fiddling with my old iPhone 3G when I saw my pregnancy apps. Yep. I downloaded pregnancy apps. Thank you technology! I'm not kidding these apps helped me big time! Back when we were still trying to conceive, I came across this app called Pink Pad.

       Note that my screenshots may be outdated because this was way back 2010. Pink Pad helped me track the dates when annoying Aunt Flow would do her monthly visits. On the cover you will immediately see a summary such as your estimated next period, or how many days you're delayed. (Don't mind the alarming 335 days late on the screen shot. I haven't updated this app since I conceived!) It also calculates the estimate dates you'll be fertile / ovulating. And oh, and it has lots of themes to choose from! ;-)

       The next tab is where you can enter all the nitty gritty and literally bloody details. You can mark if you did some intimate coloring that day with your partner, and you can indicate how strong Aunt Flow was on that day. This app is so detailed you can even record what you're feeling on a daily basis.

       This is not just for the sake of record-keeping but these details will actually help determine the best dates of coloring and will help determine if you're possibly pregnant.

       The next tab is the month view. This gives you a better view of your estimated dates with the use of the icons. The pink or red dot icons represent Aunt Flow and how heavy she was. (Pink is light flow. Red is heavy). The week days with the flowers are the estimated ovulation days calculated by this app. These are THE best days to "color"!

       By the way, if you're a newlywed reading this and were as clueless as I was before, always remember that "coloring" when you're not ovulating is close to useless when you're trying to conceive. And that is precisely the importance of this app. It really helped a lot knowing when those days were rather than just coloring randomly then getting disappointed when you see that lonely one line on a test stick.

       Aaaaanyway, with good eating and sleeping habits, no stress, and by knowing the right dates to "color", (and by letting gravity do its job by putting a pillow under your butt after coloring and laying there for 5 to 10 minutes), chances of conceiving are great. Try these basic tips first for at least 3 months and if you still don't conceive but really really want to, then you must consult with a doctor to make sure everything's okay. Like what we did. But that's a different story. For next time, maybe :-)

       On top of it all, always remember to THINK POSITIVE! (I saw this nice logo during my TTC days and made it into my screen saver. A few months after, I got pregnant. LAW OF ATTRACTION, BABY!:-)

Terms and definitions:
Coloring - intercourse (from Sex and the City Movie)
Aunt Flow - monthly period  
TTC - Trying to Conceive


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