Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marriott Hotel Philippines Spreads The Spirit of Christmas!

       It's that time of the year once again! I can feel it in the air! Even in the afternoon, the breeze is getting quite cooler. I love the Holidays! I mean, sure, there's less Christmas magic when you're an adult dealing with adult stuff... but as a mother, I am excited about passing on the Christmas magic to my little Rainbow! Teach her about Jesus' birthday, Three Kings, the Christmas Star, and of course, introduce her to Santa Clause! Christmas indeed is such a magical time!

       It's just around a month to go before December and so now's the perfect time to be thinking about your Christmas preparations! If you don't have a clue, yet you want something beautifully presented, with excellent quality, and just has Christmas written all over it, then Marriott Hotel has got you covered!

       Marriott Hotel has a Turkey To Go Package by Marriot Hotel's Executive Chef, Mike Brammer. Celebrate Christmas, US Thanksgiving style with this delicious Roasted Turkey (6-7 kilos)! 

       The package also comes with cranberry sauce, some stuffing, pan gravy, buttered mashed potato, a lettuce salad, Brussel Sprouts with bacon, yummy baked pumpkin.

And for dessert, a beautifully designed traditional Pumpkin Pie ...

...and Baked Apple Pie! This whole package for the price of P7,500! I think that's a pretty good deal in exchange for all the hassle of grocery shopping, and cooking, and hours of slaving in the kitchen.

       Okay so now that the feast is settled, next you need to prepare your Christmas list. Who's been naughty? Who's been nice? And who deserves to get these lovely Christmas Hampers from Marriott Hotel? 

       Enjoy their wide selection of beautiful Christmas Hampers! Perfect as a corporate gift or a very special personal gift!

Classic Hamper | P3400

Gingerbread jeepney, 295g
Chocolate Santa Claus, 185g
Mango chocolate bar, 200g
Dry pasta, 500g
Tomato sauce with basil, 700g
Extra virgin olive oil, 250ml
Martini olives, 290g

Deluxe Hamper | P5100

Gingerbread house, 715g
Chocolate Santa Claus, 185g
Grandma’s rum-flavored fruitcake, 500g
Homemade cookies, 6pcs.
Spanish paella rice, 1000g
Tomato sauce with basil, 700g
Extra virgin olive oil, 250ml
Martini olives, 290g

Cru Premium Hampers | P8800

Gingerbread house, 485g
Chocolate Santa Claus, 185g
Cru Steakhouse VIP reservation plate
Benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon, 750ml
Nutella, 375g
Martini olives, 290g
Brie cheese, 125g
Salami and crackers, 250g, 200g
Chocolate truffles, box of 4
Illy coffee, 250g
2 wine glasses

       The awesome thing is that you may opt to personalize your Christmas Hampers with other lovely and scrumptious Christmas goodies below! 

Chocolate Clusters

Grandma's Rum-Flavored Fruit Cake

Winterberry Cheesecake

       And in the spirit of giving, Marriott Hotel Philippines has partnered up with Philippines Children's Medical Center for a beautiful cause. Because Christmas is for kids, these adorable bears below are being sold for P400 and proceeds will be used to provide more oxygen tanks for Children diagnosed with Cancer :') With that in mind, P400 isn't a huge amount at all! And this doubles as a nice surprise for your kiddos at home!

"Take me home!"

Marriott Hotel definitely made wonderful efforts in making this Christmas a merry one for everyone! For inquiries on their Christmas hampers, feast, or reservations, call (632) 988 9999.

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