Monday, January 20, 2014

A Weekend at The Bellevue Hotel Manila

hotel review bellevue hotel manila

       When Richie told me we were to again be spending the weekend at the South, I was pretty excited. Especially when he said that we were going to be staying at the Bellevue Hotel Manila as we were invited by the very nice Jane Go, author of the blog Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. It was such an honor to be one of her guest for the weekend!

room review bellevue hotel manila

       As usual, the rooms were beautiful. I'm not an interior designing expert but I liked how they designed it. Kind of zen-ish but very homey at the same time. The room was pretty huge for a deluxe room. (I think it was a deluxe room). It had more than enough space for Rain to run around in. And since the room is carpeted, there was less possibility of her slipping and hitting her head on the floor. That's why I love carpeted rooms, honestly.

room review bellevue hotel manila

       Here's the flat screen TV by the foot of the bed. I loved the narrow counter under the TV where you can just casually put your bad after a long day.

room review bellevue hotel manila

Even behind the reading couch, you can see there were still lots of space.  I love the couch by the way.

room bellevue hotel manila review

On the right side of the bed was the desk. A long desk at that. Very nice!

bathroom bellevue hotel manila review

Disclaimer, I wasn't taking a selfie. I was taking a photo of the hotel toiletries and the nice sink hehe.

bathroom bellevue hotel manila review

And here's the bathtub

bathroom bellevue hotel manila review

And on the other side of the comfort room is the shower and the floating toilet.

playing pretend phone

Naturally we again had to disconnect one of the phone lines so Rain could use it to chit chat with her friends from Sesame Street.

the signature club bellevue manila

       For our first breakfast we headed to The Signature Club, which I must say is one of my favorite parts of the hotel. If you're staying at one of the club floors of Bellevue Manila, you will have access to this club floor.

the signature club bellevue manila

       It's very roomy with lots of very comfy and cozy furniture where you can just relax, maybe watch some telly, drink, and munch! 

the signature club bellevue manila

       Again, I love the color scheme and the whole design of the Signature Club. It somehow reminds me of a more posh version of FRIENDS' Central Perk. I don't know why. I love that the couches are colorful then you have historic photos of the hotel hanging on the walls in black and white. Very good contrast!

breakfast the signature club bellevue manila
Breakfast time! Rain a bit cranky because she wanted to run around first.
       You can opt to have breakfast here, or at Cafe D'Asie where the real buffet action is. Breakfast at The Signature Club has very limited choices but they do serve the necessities. A good continental buffet, basically. But the plus side is that you have peace and quiet. And since it's situated at the 22nd floor, you get a nice view of the South's neighborhood. 

       Richie decided that we have our breakfast here for a change. So we could try it as well. He knows very well that I HAVE to have rice for breakfast. And he forgot the fact that the club floor only serves continental breakfast. Sigh... But I let it go and substituted pancakes for rice. Hahaha! Later on I found out you can actually request for rice. Haha! D'oh!

breakfast the signature club bellevue manila
Fruits, Salami, and other toppings

cheese platter the signature club bellevue manila
Dried fruits, crackers, and a cheese platter.

pastries the signature club bellevue manila

cornflake tower the signature club bellevue manila
Cornflake tower
the signature club salad bar bellevue manila
And a Salad Bar

ATC mechanical bus ride for kids

       Another thing I appreciated with Bellevue Manila is their free shuttle service when you want to roam around the neighboring establishments. The shuttle leaves every 30 minutes. So just call up the concierge to book yourself a seat when you want to go malling or whatever. And then just tell the driver where you want to be picked up and what time. Cool, right? So that's exactly what we did when we planned a trip to ATC mall. Rain had a blast riding the mini motorized bus with her yaya. 

phoenix court hakaw

       When we got back, we had a late lunch at Phoenix Court. I was extremely excited to do so because then I would be reunited with the best hakaw I have ever tried so far! The Pickiest Eater will review most of the stuff we ate but I his one was MINE! ALL MINE! Hahaha! It's just really deliciously stuffed with juicy shrimp! Dip it in their soy sauce and I'm in heaven!

bellevue hotel manila, jane go, phoenix court

       That evening, we finally got to meet Jane Go and all the other awesome bloggers she invited. She did an excellent job in organizing this blogger event! Such a sweetheart! We had such a scrumptious dinner and a great time getting to know each other!

elmo balloon twist

       A lot of the other blogger's kids were there as well. And Jane brilliantly got a balloon twister to make character balloons for the kids there while us adults got busy chit chatting haha! Of course, Rain had to have her Elmo! 

bellevue hotel manila phoenix court blogger dinner
Group shot!
We had such a lovely evening with these group of bloggers and so honored to be invited! (Rain insisted on wearing her crown balloon for the group shot hehe.

bellevue hotel manila blogger dinner

       With the lovely Sumi Go of Purple Doll, Franny of Frannywanny, and Didi of The Candishhh Tales. Love this photo! But Rain is of course still busy with her crown balloon. 

bellevue hotel manila vue bar

We rested for a bit then afterwards met up with them again to Vue Bar where you can  enjoy a spectacular night view with drinks and a lot of stories to share! Then we called it a night.  

Bellevue Hotel Manila Swimming Pool

       During out last day, Richie took Rain for a swim. And of course she loved it despite the cold water! Hahaha!

bellevue manila hotel koi fish pond

       Rain also had fun watching the fishies by the entrance of the pool. See more landscape shots of the pool from our first visit here.

       Once again a big thank you to Bellevue Hotel Manila for the warm welcome and the excellent staycation we had that weekend! And of course to the lovely Jane Go, for putting all of this together! It was such an experience! Looking forward to more food trips with you! Bellevue, you will see us again soon!

bellevue hotel manila gift certificate big sale

       Because we were so happy with our stay, we were even happier when we found out about the big Bellevue Sale! 3 days,2 nights for only P7,888 and Dimsum-All-You-Can at Phoenix Court for only P999! Or in my case, Hakaw-All-I-Can!!! As soon as we saw this promo from their Facebook Page, it was a no-brainer. We had to buy! Check out more details o the promo here. Vouchers valid for 1 year but can only be purchased until end of January! You can drop by their booth at Greenbelt 5 right across the concierge near Mango, Warehouse, etc.!

Can't wait until we book our next stay and have my hands on more hakaws from Phoenix Court!!!



  1. Wow!! Talagang you enjoyed your stay at may vouchers na agad ha!! ;) I hope I get to see you guys in one of the days that you will be here in the south again! Please do give me a call Rina! :-*

    1. We really did! Thanks to you!!! :-) Yes will definitely let you know when we're around South! :-) Thanks again Jane!!!

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  3. Rina! My FIL naman bought vouchers for The Bellevue Bohol! Yehaaaa!! :) I was raving about TBM kasi.. :)
    See you around ha!! :)

    Love, Didi

    1. Niiiice!:-) can't wait to read about Bellevue Bohol through your blog!:-)

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