Friday, January 31, 2014

Head Lice

        I just chatted with a relative of mine. Turns out her toddler acquired head lice from the yaya. Then we went on talking about our own lice exterminating tips. Then she told me that she was planning to buy Kwell from Mercury Drug but they were out of stock. Then I suddenly remembered reading a story about how Kwell can be harmful to children, or in little Jesse's case... can even be fatal :-(

Read his story here:

        I honestly don't know if this has been proven to be the cause of Jesse's leukemia but it's better to be safe than sorry. Especially when a child's life might be on the line.

        I stumbled upon that site a few months ago when Rain acquired lice I think from the boys across our house (that's why I don't let her play with them anymore. And not it's not from the twins). Once again, researching pays off. I read Jesse's story before buying any lice shampoo for Rain. 

        So I bought Oilganics instead. It herbal so it doesn't contain any pesticides. It's all-natural, not to mention it smells really good!

        Always read the labels first before buying. Anything that has weird chemical names are questionable I guess. Make sure there is no pesticide.  And don't forget to always check with your pedia. Just thought I'd share this story ASAP before any mom reached for a bottle of head lice shampoo for their children, just like how my relative almost did! Such a good coincidence that it was out of stock when she was buying! 


  1. nagamit ko na yang Oilganics wayback 2010. nung mahawa kami ng two kids ko sa dating yaya nila. naalala ko napahoarding un mama ko ksi nagkahawa hawa kami dito sa bahay. mas safe pa sya kasi made of natural products and effective talaga. :)


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