Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My 5 Must-Haves for a 2 Year Old

       Because Rain is growing up so fast, I can't help but think of the things that we've purchased that has been helpful in entertaining Rain, and helping her develop in a lot of important aspects. (As I have learned from the Chief Mum herself, Carrie Lupoli during her talk for the FisherPrice Joy of Learning workshop), as well as the things that I could not live without while taking care of Rain. So I decided to make a little entry to compile a small list that may help moms of soon to be 2 year olds on what kids at this age would most likely be enjoying (then again every kid is unique) and what things could make your life easier as a parent of a toddler.

1.) Baby Vision Monitor
Baby Vision Monitor
       If you're a working mom or if you're like me who occasionally leaves the house to run errands or attend a "racket", then you will definitely want to purchase the Baby Vision Baby Monitor. This has been my eyes (and ears) in the house  whenever I'm away. I once saw a baby monitor with small screens that costs around 20K. And you can only use that within the confines of your house.

       With Baby Vision, it's only P7,990 and you can watch your baby from anywhere in the world provided you have internet connection. It's so easy to connect. It can easily be transfered from room to room, you can hear the sounds from your house, at the same time that the people in the house / your baby can also hear you from the small speaker in the Baby Vision. Oh, and it has night vision! Need I say more?

You can purchase the this Baby Vision Baby Monitor here  at Lazada Philippines 

2.) Tiny Buds Toothpaste

       I am fully aware of how hard it is to introduce babies to the concept of brushing using a toothpaste. The silicon brush + water worked out fine until I tried to introduce toothpaste to Rain. Rain did NOT enjoy it. And after that she refuses to let me brush her teeth even without toothpaste. After a while I took the suggestion of one fellow reader to use a flavored toothpaste instead. So I did. And it was all better! But my problem now was Rain still cannot get the concept of spitting-after brushing. Although the doctor said that that's okay (because I only use a thin smear of toothpaste for Rain), I still get worried.

       So one fine day at the grocery store I saw this Tiny Buds Tiny Fangs toothpaste Stage 1. Stage 1 is for toddlers below 3 years old. It doesn't foam and since it is "free from SLS, Parabens & Fluoride, and w/o Artificial color which makes it safe if accidentally swallowed during toothbrushing." (See more Tiny Buds products here) I'm not sure what those SLS and para-whatevers are but at least I know it's safe if swallowed while I'm still struggling in teaching Rain how to spit.

       Oh, and it also helps to buy a cute toothbrush that has blinking lights for a timer! A little treat for your little toddler!

You can buy a Tiny Buds toothbrush set from Lazada Philippines under the toys and babies category.

3.) Bobble Water Bottle

       I've been eyeing the Bobble Water Bottle ever since I saw it in one of the Mommy Mundo Bazaars. Not only because it loots so cute, but because  it can help filter  the water that you drink from it.The cover has a built-in filter that cleans the water as it pours out of the bottle. It's great for sports, and more importantly for thirsty toddlers. This way you're sure that your kid is drinking clean water when you're out of the house. I bought this for around P300. See other styles and sizes in their official website.

4.) Tricycle with Push Handle

       While it's nice to bring your baby for a little walk outside in a stroller, it might however be boring for a toddler. When taking your toddler out for some fresh air, a tricycle with a push handle is the way to roll! You will have control over the bike because the push handle can control the front wheel. But you can also let your kid drive so he/she can learn the concept of turning left and right with a swing of the bike bars. Also, there are attractive toys to trinkle with. Rain loves her bike and it's hard to pry her away from it, I tell you. (More about her bike story soon!)

       By the way, when your kid is older and can paddle the bike himself, you can detach the foot rest on the bottom and the push handle. Then tadaaaaaaa! It turns into a real tricycle!

5.) Kiddie Slide

       My toddler happens to be a little dare devil. I wasn't like this when I was a child. She loves the idea of sliding down accompanied with a "Weeeeeeeeeee!". This small slide, for us, was a good buy. First of all, there's no park near our house. Second of all, she's at the stage where she loves loves loves climbing things. And she enjoys sliding. So with this slide, it becomes a complete package. She has that safe ladder to climb, and she can slide down as well. And of course it's good exercise for Rain while enhancing her balance, eye-hand coordination as well.

       We got this from Toy Kingdom for more or less P3,000. It's one of our best purchases for Rain because her smile when she slides down is always priceless :-) She probably slides down 100 times within a day haha! And it's small enough to fit in our living room.

       I'm not saying you have to buy a slide or any of the things I mentioned. These ones are really just our preference based on what Rain likes, or what has been helpful for me as a mom. Because at the end of the day these are my personal opinion based on my personal experience. But I hope this helps somehow!

How about you? What are your 5 must-haves for the year 2014? :-)