Monday, January 13, 2014

Red Ribbon's Improved Black Forrest plus a Christmas Story!

       Red Ribbon is one of our defaults when it comes to buying affordable yet presentable delicious cakes for any celebration. This is always the case because I know that it will not disappoint me. Case and point:

       My village friends and I have this post-Christmas Party pot luck planned next weekend. Our schedules have all been busy so yes this is a very late Christmas celebration haha! So since I was assigned to get the dessert, that means I get to choose what flavor to get. And because I love chocolate, you can always assure I would choose something chocolatey. A classic. Something that has been tried and tested through time. One of which is the Black Forest Cake.
red ribbon black forest cake

       Yep! That Black Forest that we all know and love! I'm sure you all love the medley of the super moist chocolate cake and the sweet and tangy-ness of the cherry. (My mouth is watering right now as I type). A beautiful cake that won't disappoint!

       The good thing is that I recently found out that Red Ribbon's Black Forest has gotten better with more chocolate shavings, more chocolate filling, and yes, the chocolate cake is even chocolatier! So if you ever have to attend pot lucks with your friends or other relatives, I'm telling you... volunteer to bring dessert. And then bring this lovely Black Forest. They will thank you for it!

A Red Ribbon Christmas Story 

       For the season of giving, Red Ribbon has prepared a special Christmas animation that teaches the things that really matter this Christmas. Watch it and see the components of a Black Forest turn into whimsical characters! Very creative! A nice short animation to make your kids watch and learn from.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop was founded in 1979, along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. The high quality and delicious products of Red Ribbon Bakeshop quickly became a Filipino favorite, and in 2005, Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired Red Ribbon Bakeshop to add to its renowned portfolio of truly Filipino chains.

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