Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's Up, Rain?

       It's been 2 years and 3 months since I became a mom. It has been a roller coaster ride. And I hear it's going to be so much harder as she grows up. I haven't really seen the wrath of the so-called "terrible twos" yet. So far it's nothing that would make me want to pull my own eyes off in frustration. Of course she has her moments but over all, its been all good.

       Sigh... seems like only yesterday when all she could do was eat and sleep. Now she can already do the following stuff:

- knows a bunch of words already and likes repeating what we say or what she hears on TV (My decision to let her watch only Sesame Street or Disney Junior ever since is really a good call!

- Can already say if she wants "mak" (milk), if she wants to go out "le gow" (let's go), says "eat / cookie / egg" if she wants to eat those things, say "do dur" (water) when she's thirsty, "op-heyn" (open) when she wants something opened), and some other words such as up, "Emow" (Elmo) if she wants to watch her Sesame Street videos or want to surf YouTube using the iPad, says and my favorite, says "Thank yew" ! (That's how she really says it because that's how she hears Elmo say it. Hehehe.

- is curious. You would often hear her say "wa dat? wa dat?"

- knows how to identify and say the things she sees like car, tree, sky, light, cookie, egg, "fwa-wow" (flower), "chein" (train), boat, car

Rain with my sister's "son" Javu. (Thanks sis for this pic!)
- knows her animals and their sounds ( dog, cat, duck, elephant, bird, horse, chicken, tiger, lion, bear)

- knows how to play all by herself with her dolls and Sesame Street figurines

- loves accessories like shades, hat, and headbands

- likes repeating what we say (albeit not so clearly). One time during our staycation, she was in her bathing suit about to go down for a swim, when her dad teases her "Ay! Sexy!". Upon hearing this, she immediately copies her dad. "Ay chek-chyyyy!Ay check-chyyyy!" So funny! See her "Hi Sexy" video here hehehe.

Toys she's beginning to like at this age:

- Blocks

- Art stuff

- Dolls

Strolling with Daddy!

- Tricycle (will be posting of the story of her bike soon!)

- Kiddie Slide

- and she still loves books and balls

Stuff she likes to eat:

- still adores fruits
- egg
- cookies

       So these are the things that Rain is able to do / Rain wants to play with at two years old.Time flies by so fast and I refuse to blink because before I know it, she'll be going to school soon... and I'll miss playing with her at home...



  1. Rain ang laki mo na.. dati ang tahimik mo nung mameet ko kayo with your parents Mr and Mrs. PE. Naku can't wait to see u again with your awesome family. Be a good girl always. :)

    1. Super no? :-( Sana pwede ma-pause ang time hehe :-) Thanks Istin! :-) Hope to bump into you again soon! :-)

  2. yay =) hi cutey! kapangalan mo ang 2yr old daughter ko =) Angel Rhaine ♥

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. hello to your little Angel Rhaine!:-)

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