Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Beautiful District in Boracay


         My first time in Boracay was a few years ago before our little Rainbow came into this world. I know it has become more chaotic since a lot of establishments started popping up along the beautiful white sand beach of Boracay but I honestly still think it's the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. It's just a matter of picking the right location that suits your personality.

        During my first time in Boracay, we stayed at station 1 at a simple three or four story inn. We chose station 1 simply because we wanted to to have a serene and relaxing vacation and be away from the civilized area. But the problem was, it was a far away from the civilized area. Haha! it was quite a long walk from station 1 to station 2 where all the restaurants were. And it was a bit of a hassle to go back and fourth whenever you needed to buy something from D-Mall.

        Anyway, because I fortunately won a round trip domestic flight ticket for two from Air Asia Zest (thanks guys!!!), we decided to plan another Boracay, this time with our little Rainbow!

air asia zest

Air Asia Zest was formerly Zest Air.We had a safe and smooth flight from Manila to Kalibo. 

father and daughter plane ride

The two even fell asleep during the trip

air asia zest

Thankful for the perfect flying weather that day!

air asia cafe snacks

        And I had a quick Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich from Air Asia Cafe. Actually I was looking forward to ordering one of their hot meals but since it's a short flight, they only served quick snacks. 

the district boracay

        A road trip and a boat trip, and a quick car ride later, we were there! Richie was lucky to get hooked up with The District Boracay. A hotel we've been eyeing before. And I must say it's really beautiful! It's not as big as the other 5 star hotels but this one has just the right size that no room is too far from the beach. I think that's one of the best things about The District 

the district boracay

The structure has a a really modern and sophisticated feel to it. 

the district boracay

        Our room home for the night! All rooms have a lanai (or balcony for rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors) where you can hang out. You will also see that there those steel laundry lines where you can let your wet clothes dry.(Yes that's very important for us moms who does all the packing!)

the district boracay pool

This is their pool. There's a lap pool, and then a Jacuzzi at the other end. And then a waterfall wall.

the district boracay

        Go past the pool and you will see a staircase leading up to the 2nd building with more rooms. But again this is just a few feet away from the pool and the entrance of the hotel. I can't stress it enough but I really like the size of the whole floor plan.

the district room boracay

        And these are our comfy beds! I love the interiors too! Everything about it is top class from the pillows to the bed, to the laundry basket, which Rain used as a play pen!:

toddler in basket
toddler in basket
toddler in basket

Aaaah toddlerhood! Finding delight in simple things! Haha!

caruso Italian restaurant the district

        Then they invited us to have lunch at their Italian restaurant called Caruso. It was a bit small but I love how it has floor to ceiling windows so you can enjoy the breath-taking view of the beach! And the food was really good! More on that from The Pickiest Eater soon!

vintage baby chair

        Oh can I just say? I love their cute baby chair! So vintage! Rain seemed to love it too as she plays with her audio reader toy :-)

star lounge the district

         This is the top floor of The District where Star Lounge is. It's really beautiful during the day and during the night as well. A great place to have dinner, which we did. Soon on The Pickiest Eater!

father and daughter swimming

We enjoyed swimming at the Jacuzzi as much as Rain did. Look at the smiles on their faces!

playing catch in pool

Father and daughter playing catch by the pool as part of Richie's workout haha!:-) Rain loves it!

boracay beach panoramic

        You know how I was saying earlier that picking the right area in Boracay is the key? Well, I was glad that The District was in a perfect spot. It's in station 2, but not right smack in the middle of all the action. We got the peace and serenity that we wanted but at the same time it was a short walk from The District to D-Mall, hence making our beach time very relaxing! 

toddler playing in beach

I also love the fact that The District always had life guards on stand by, checking on everyone by the beach, and even lending Rain some sand toys!

baby in swimsuit

        The thing about Boracay is that so far it's the only beach where I feel safe about letting Rain run free and not worry about strong waves or her stepping on some garbage. She really had so much fun running around the beach!

clear waters boracay

With clear waters like this, how can you not enjoy it?

boracay beach white sand

I let her roam free so she can explore nature, and Boracay's powder-fine white sand!

small fishes by the beach

We saw small fishies by the shore! So cool!

crying baby

        Rain enjoyed swimming so much that she gets heart-broken everytime it was time to go back to the room. Poor baby! hehe...

cheap waterproof casing

        Everywhere on the beach people were selling these "waterproof" cellphone casing. We bought it for P100 per piece if I'm not mistaken. But I wouldn't advice you to use it underwater. Just think of it as your splatter-proof casing for taking selfies by the water haha!

boracay toddler shirt

I always make it a point to buy a souvenir shirt for Rain wherever we go. Nice right? :-)

leaving Boracay

Before we knew it, it was time to head back home. Sad :-(

boracay sunset

        I can't wait to go back to Boracay! And if I were to choose where I would want to stay, I will definitely choose The District again! Thanks so much for the warm hospitality! To   Mae, Vina, Apple, Chef Rey Dela Cruz, Cindy, April, Joefer, Myke, and Naomi, and the entire staff of The District, Thank you for making our stay a memorable one!

Happy summer everyone!!!


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  3. Hello Rina. loving this post as I'm planning to go Boracay in Sept with my toddler and looking at the pics aaa I simply can't wait! Anyways, care to share how was your experience riding on the bus from Kalibo airport to the jetty being roughly 2hours ride. Was your little one ok with it? I know that Cebu Pacific has a direct flight to Carticlan where it's just 2-3mins away from the Jetty butthe price is a tad expensive for me :'( Really appreciate your kind feedback. Thanks in advance :)


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