Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Night At Crimson Hotel Alabang

crimson hotel

        Crimson Hotel Filinvest City is an almost new hotel in the heart of Alabang. A few weeks ago we were fortunate to spend a night there with some blogger friends to check it out and it was pretty great!  It's just walking distance to Festival Supermall and very near South Luzon Expressway so it's fairly easy to locate. (Not that you would need to walk or commute when going to the malls because Crimson offers free shuttle service anytime!)

crimson hotel lobby

        Upon entering the lobby, I was already impressed. I'm not an expert on hotels or interior design but I really liked their lobby. Even if it's not really high ceiling and has no fancy chandeliers, the ceiling has that wow factor. Kudos on the interior designer! Simple but still very classy!

executive suite crimson hotel

        Here is our suite for the night. Sweet! An Executive Suite with a living room (complete with a flat screen TV with cable and DVD player. Don't forget to bring your favorite DVDs when you spend your staycation here!) 

breakfast table

Oh, and a breakfast table for two by the window. Love it!

warm welcome hotel

A Welcome Letter waiting for us attached with a yummy Black Widow Cheesecake...

cake icing litpstick

Which Rain loved! Here she is sporting her Black Widow cheesecake icing lipstick hehehe. I think she was going for a Gothic look.

hotel room kitchen

        Did I mention there's a mini kitchen complete with everything you can think of. A build-in stove, coffee maker, toaster, there's even a blender stored in the cupboards!

bar stools in hotel room

        Bar stools are available so I can sit and chit chat with Richie while he cooks. He doesn't really cook but he cooks more than I do hahaha!

washing machine

        The washing machine hidden by the cabinets upon entering was a pleasant surprise! I could live here already! 

crimson hotel room

Here's our room for the night. Spacious!

hotel bed

Which Rain happily messed up within a few minutes!

hidden socket

I like this hidden socket and light switch by the bedside table drawer.

hotel desk

        The bedroom also has a flat screen TV, DVD player, and a desk. At first the aircon felt a bit warm but it was nothing a few temperature adjustments couldn't fix. After we placed it at the temperature we wanted, it was already winter cold! Just the way Richie likes it!

classy hotel dresser

        I also really like this simple but classy dresser. I never had a nice dresser my whole life. But if I did I would like it to be this simple.

crimson bathroom

The bathroom was nice as well. No bathtub but it was fine.

hotel toiletries


hotel toiletries

And more toiletries. I love that they have a mouthwash!

modern weighing scale

Check out their cool weighing scale!

crimson hotel room view

And here's the view from our room. You can see the pool area, as well as the Laguna De Bay.

The Pool

crimson hotel pool area

        Here's Crimson's pool area. It's an area of the hotel that always seems to be windy. It's cool and refreshing. But this means it can be a bit hard to put immerse yourself in the water at first without shivering haha!

mommy and daughter swimming

        Rain seemed to be enjoying it. But I'm not surprised. She doesn't easily get cold, taking after her dad. (PS I would have chosen a more close up photo of me and Rain but I don't want to magnify my fats hehehe)

crimson pool 

crimson pool

pool area crimson hotel

At night, the pool area becomes a cozy place with moodlights where you can dine and have barbecue.


Yes. Barbecue!

sausage and salad

While I happily dine on my no-carb dinner (greens with caesar salad dressing and grilled sausages)...

father and daughter

        Rain happily munches on her frilled corn on the cob while entranced with her YouTube videos on the iPad, while her dad on the other hand is entranced with the chef barbecuing. Hehehehe.

outdoor bed

They had these nice weaved outdoor beds in the shape of Hershey's Kisses.

round outdoor bed

A really nice place to hibernate after having one too many barbecues. Hehehe.

The Cafe

 cafe eight facade

        Crimson Hotel's main restaurant is the Cafe Eight which serves contemporary international buffet of breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets and more. Enjoy fresh and healthy cuisines of Southern Europe to Middle Eastern regions.

cafe eight crimson hotel

Cafe Eight has a classy long space.

sushi table

A round table filled with sushi and other appetizer

lunch buffet

This is just a section of their lunch buffet.

crepe station

Crepe station!

dessert station

And a long section of desserts!

bacon carbonara

We requested this carbonara for Rain from the pasta station

smoked salmon salad

And I got myself another helping of Caesar salad after, this time pairing it with smoked salmon!

caesar salad

        And then right moving on to dessert, I had one last serving. I obviously liked their Caesar salad dressing haha! 

mango crepe vanilla ice cream

        And then ended my lunch with some mango crepe topped with vanilla ice cream and some rice crispies and chocolate syrup! If you want more photos of the food, check out my hubby's post here!

pastry and sandwich corner

        Crimson Hotel also has their own bakeshop called the Pastry and Sandwich Corner where they sell yummy pastries...

red cake

        And amazing cakes such as this one that we found in our room! (Thanks Crimson Hotel for our yummy cake!)

The Gym

gym crimson hotel

Crimson Hotel also has a really nice gym. 

gym crimson hotel

After all, life is all about balance. Nice buffet restaurant, nice gym. Hahaha! 

selfie hotel lobby

        We had an excellent time at Crimson Hotel! Thanks so much to Twinkle and Kar for a wonderful experience! We'll be back soon!

Crimson Hotel 
Address: Entrata Urban Complex, 2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City, Alabang, 1781 Muntinlupa City
Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonFilinvestCity
Follow them on Twitter: @Crimson_Alabang
and Instagram: @Crimsonhotel_Alabang


  1. Ang ganda ng pictures mo Rina huhu! Parang gusto ko tuloy mag-buffet now.. at mag-laba! Bongga may washing machine! May tide din ba? ;))

  2. Jane, bring your own tide! Hehehe ;-)

  3. Awesome experience.. you must try the Cebu's best too

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  5. hi.. magkano po charge per head sa bbq buffet pag fri-sat night? thank you

    1. Hi! I believe their Summer BBQ Weekends is Php 800 nett :-) You can stay up-to-date with their current promotions through their Facebook page :-)


      Thanks for dropping by my blog! :-)


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