Thursday, March 6, 2014

Most Effective Mosquito Repellent Ever!

        No, it's not some lotion or a sticker or a bracelet. Not even a mosquito coil or a big spray. It's the most effective tool to keep your child away from those pesky mosquitoes! And we've been using them in the province since my sister and I were kids!



        It's true though! Such a simple old school, old fashioned tool but really does the trick. In this case, going back to basics is best!


        Earlier today, I introduced Rain to the mosquitero.(We're in San Fernando La Union by the way visiting my grandmother). So okay she used it as a play tent instead but she really had fun with it :-) I even clipped an opening so she has a "door" because she loved going in and out frequently and even dance around the mosquitero.


        Here she is pretending to bring in her "luggage" into her new home. But yep it's a huge empty jar of water hehe.

        Watching her play inside it brought me back memories on how I would play with our mosquitero. I would even put something on top and kick it around from the inside. Aaaanyway, just got into reminiscing :-) Maybe I should really buy one for home? :-)


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