Saturday, March 8, 2014


Potty training terrifies me. I didn't know how to start especially since Rain doesn't show me any signs that she's about to go number 2. She just does it like it's nothing and just continues playing. 

Other advices I got from other moms was to remove the diaper from time to time so the toddler will know the icky feeling of being wet/drenched in poopy, and therefore will want to use the potty instead. Or something to that effect. But honestly I'm the one who feels icky with the thought of poop in the couch or anywhere in the living room. Haha! I'm sure there are other tricks. But honestly I've just been preferring the convenience of a diaper for now. But if I keep this up, she will never learn. Bad mom!

So the least I could do was sometimes I would leave the bathroom door open and show her when I go peepee. But I would make grunting sounds as if I'm doing the deed. Ever since then, she associates grunting sounds with the potty. I would try letting her sit on the potty from time to time and she would imitate me and make grunting sounds as well even if she's not making poopoo. 

But last night, I finally saw a sign that Rain was about to go poopy! She was playing at the living room here at my grandma's house in La Union (wearing her shades and some beaded necklace) then she suddenly stopped and sort of crouched down while holding her tummy and then made grunting sounds.  

I wasn't really sure if she was about to do the deed or not but I didn't want to miss the chance. So I immediately grabber her and took her to the bathroom, took out her diaper and made her sit into the potty. True enough,  there was a small tiny poop already in her diaper. I let her sit in the potty longer and I made grunting sounds myself so she could continue. She copied my grunting sounds again and finally, she made poopy in the potty! And still wearing her shades and necklace hahaha! So happy!!! Yay for Rain!!! And yay for mommy bringing her to the bathroom in time hehe. Just need to keep it up until she really gets it :-) 

Thank you sister for taking our pic hahaha!


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