Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rapunzel and Eugene Spotted in Frozen!

        My cousin Rifka was right! If you watch Frozen plenty times, you'll see that Rapunzel and Eugene of Tangled did make a special cameo appearance in Frozen hahaha! I was watching it with Rain for the nth time when I noticed that haircut! They're one of the royal guests during the Coronation Day (For the First Time in Forever)! It's around 16:20 :-)

rapunzle in frozen
Only one Disney Princess has that haircut! Can you see her? :-)

rapunzle and eugene in frozen
And there's Eugene beside Rapunzel!

The child in me finds this really cool! :-)


  1. I know the only way ou were able to see it is since you had to watch it close to a dozen times for baby Rain haha :D !

    - Ray

  2. Exactly!;-) I lost count already actually. Hahaha!

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