Monday, March 24, 2014

Strolling at ThunderBird Poro Point, La Union

        Our grandmother lives in San Fernando, La Union. And so while we were there with my aunt for a vacation, we thought, why not check out ThunderBird resort in Poro Point? Been hearing good things about it. So we decided to check it out. We didn't check in of course given that my grandmother's house in La Union was just a few minutes away from ThunderBird Resort and Casino. So we just took a stroll. And it was quite nice! It's like La Union's Santorini Greece!

thunderbird entrance

The long entrance from the guardhouse

thunderbird lobby

And here's the driveway entrance to the lobby

thunderbird reception

Here's the reception area

dome art

Here's the dome ceiling of the lobby. So Greek, right?

thunderbird lobby

And here's the lobby per se. Very simple with a few couches. Nothing too extravagant....

thunderbird lobby

But the view of the beach is breath-taking!

view deck thunderbird

Once you come out of the lobby, there's a pretty open space for a viewing deck, with a restaurant on the right, and another snack area on the left.

thunderbird resort pool

        And here's the view once you take a peek by the balcony area. Their gorgeous pool! You can come here and have a dip at the pool even if you're not checked in, but there's an entrance fee and it's quite expensive for me. I guess the maintenance is really expensive: 

Adults - P1,200 (700 food and drinks consumable + 500 pool entrance
Kids 5-12 years old - P700 (350 for food and drinks consumable + 350 pool entrance. 

thunderbird la union beach

        The beach on the other hand is restricted to hotel residents and members only, but I was able to take a photo. Lots of sea weeds and looks like there are some corals as well, but otherwise, beautiful!


By the right side, a little play area for the kids and what looks like an obstacle course.

thunderbird resort la union

Then look further ahead,  and you'll see the sea!

thunderbird resort la union

Zooming in, you'll see there are what looks like viewing sheds.

olives thunderbird resort la union

Going back to the viewing deck, on the right side is their restaurant. Sorry I didn't get to see the menu. Ooops! Hehehe.

olives thunderbird restaurant

Here's their alfresco dining area where you an have a nice view of the beach

beach view
Walk further to the right and there's a green hill with this beautiful view. Walk further up and you will see Love!


Seriously. LOVE! :-)

gazeebo by the beach

And beside the LOVE, is a romantic gazeeboo with sheer curtains. A nice place to propose! (Or to get  relaxing massage maybe?)

thunderbird resort la union

Going back to the hotel and accommodations, looks like these are the hotel rooms that you can rent per night. 

thunderbird resort la union

        Now I'm not really sure which of these pretty houses around the land of Thunderbird Resort can be rented or or which are residential houses. Either way, they're all nice, all following the white and blue Santorini Greece color scheme.

houses in thunderbird resort la union

houses in thunderbird resort la union

houses in thunderbird resort la union

houses in thunderbird resort la union

        And just in case you were wondering, the casino is a golf car / service ride away from Thunderbird's main lobby. 

entrance to casino thunderbird resort la union

Instead of entering Thunderbird gate, you go all the way straight until you see this gate.

fiesta casino thunderbird resort a union

And voila! Welcome to Fiesta Casino!

        There are still lots of empty lots there in Thunderbird and I can't wait to see what else they're going to put up. Even if we just went around the place, I had a great time bonding with my Tita Eva who was in town for vacation from New Jersey. She tries to come home every 2 years and so I was happy that we were able to visit her and my grandmother as well in La Union with the little Rainbow :-)

Activities and services packages posted in their lobby:

thunderbird watersports rates

thunderbird boat for hire rates

thunderbird island hopping promo rates

thunderbird aerobics class rates

thunderbird fishing

fiesta casino rules


  1. Hi! This is a nice blog. My family and I are planning to stroll here next week. Do they have entrance fee upon going there? Thank you! :)

    1. Hi! When we went, they didn't charge anything naman. It's the pool that has charges. The beach is restricted to non-members :( but we were able to stroll around with no problem :) enjoy!!!:-) it's worth the stroll! (And photo opportunities!)

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  3. It was wondering if I could use this write-up on my other website, I will link it back to your website though.Great Thanks. |

  4. Hi Great Post and so informative. I would like to know if the Condotel expansion ( Under Construction since Dec 2014) is already in operation. This should boost the current hotel Rooms to another 25 I assume. Many Thanks

    1. Hi! I actually haven't been back since this visit :( So I'm not sure :-( When I do go back though I'll definitely update this post or make a new one :-)

  5. Good morning po! Im Jemille Sonza from UST, we're conducting a survey to those who have gone to thunderbird la union, for our thesis, is it okay if you will answer our online survey? It will just take you for about 3-5minutes. Thank you :)


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