Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Outstanding Angus Beef Tapa by Jams Food & Co!

Angus Beef Tapa

        I know I've said it one too many times, but my favorite meal of the day is breakfast! Hence my favorite type of meat to purchase at grocery stores are breakfast food. I always buy hotdog, or ham, or spam, etc. But admittedly, sometimes it can get pretty tiring. So it's nice to actually have something new. Something new but not necessarily something imported from other countries. Something new AND delicious! Something my husband and I look forward to eating! And that's Jam Foods & Co!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Chorizo De Cebu, Anyone?

cebu chorizo for sale

        I remember my first food trip to Cebu with Richie. He took me to this market called Larsian. A huge lot filled with barbecue vendors selling cheap but super good grilled stuff! One of which is the Cebu Chorizo. Cute round processed meat that is juicy and sweet, and really good to eat with puso (Cebu's special rice wrapped in weaved leaves). If only I could have that everyday.

Actually, I can!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Phoenix Court's Dimsum Buffet at The Bellevue Manila!

The Bellevue Manila Lobby

        Knowing my Dad's love for Dimsum, Richie and I have been planning to take him and my sister to one of the best Dimsum places we've tried. And that's Phoenix Court in The Bellevue Hotel Manila in Alabang. 

bellevue voucher

As soon as they announced their special promo vouchers, we immediately purchased their Dimsum Buffet!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fan Girl Mode at the New Greenwich Pizzeria!

greenwich new look

        It was a delight to see the new design and feel of Greenwich Pizeria at the 2nd floor of SM North Edsa! It's so different from the usual green and white fast food style stores they have (because I have to admit, a lot of their stores need make-overs. Especially the one in SM Taytay where the couches are all beat up). It's the same Greenwich you know and love, but this time, featuring the new and cool interior design! Red bricks, wallpaper-less walls, industrial lamps, classy graphics and artworks that all scream CLASSIC PIZZERIA but at the same time also giving a homey feel! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Personalized Casing from The Diff

the diff concept

        I'm a sucker for casing. In fact I think my phone has more casings vs. me having clothes hahaha! Exaggerating. But you get the point. But one of the best casing I have so far is one that has my blog logo on it!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Give in to Temptation with Nestle Dutch Speculoos!

Speculoos ice cream

        What perfect timing for the summer! Nestle Ice Cream welcomes its new addition to the Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World collection! I'm sure a lot has already tried this but for those who hasn't, let me present to you.... DUTCH SPECULOOS!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm Flying!

             At 2 years old, my little Rainbow sure is has been exercising her imagination and it's fascinating to see so! Just now, while playing play doh with her, I used the butterfly playdoh cutter to make some green butterflies. 


        Then she got her PinyPon figures (her favorite toy nowadays), then she got the butterflies and stuck it at the backs of her PinyPon. Now they look like fairies! (Brilliant! I didn't even think of that!) 

        Then she took one and waved it around and said...

"I'm flying! I'm flying!"

It's amazing! 😍👍🌈

A Quick Visit to B Hotel in Alabang

b hotel alabang

        Last weekend we had an amazing time at Alabang with a lot of our blogger friends. We were split up in 2 hotels. First half was to stay at The Bellevue Hotel Manila, and the other half were also very lucky to try its little sister, the B Hotel. A nice little hotel situated at Madrigal Business Park. It's nice 3-star hotel that gives you comfort but for a more affordable price.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two New Lysol Products Moms will Just Love!

lysol new products

        Whenever I hear the brand Lysol, the first word that comes to mind is really "disinfectant". It has actually became a norm for people to turn to Lysol whenever they feel the need to shoo away germs that can cause sickness. Especially for moms that has a natural instinct to protect their kids from these not-so-cute germs.

        Rain's room now has become more of a toy / storage room rather than a bed room. She sleeps in our room ever since she was born. So this means whatever germs that my husband and I catch from outside the house, Rain has a good chance of getting it too. And so from time to time, we really have Lysol included in our grocery list. It's not only to make any room smell better, it's to kill not just any germs but specific germs that cause illnesses at the same time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SPAM Tocino, Limited Edition!

        My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Not just because I'm starving in the morning and need food for energy, but because I looooove breakfast food! I love hotdogs, crispy bacon (of course), I really love eggs, and  I am a big fan of SPAM as well!

        We've been seeing photos of a certain Tocino SPAM spreading all around the net. And we've been dying to try it ever since. But we never do see it in supermarkets near us. It's one of life's greatest mysteries. Like a breakfast unicorn!

        Finally, Richie's friend Chef Ian of Sebastian's posted on Facebook that he was able to buy some SPAM Tocino. And Richie was able to turn up his charms and was able to get the information from Chef Ian on where he found the SPAM Tocino. So off to Robinsons Supermarket in Eastwood we go!

Welcome Back The New Beetle!

The New Beetle

        I remember when my cousins and I were a couple of years old, we would go out in the garage and go on our slide. But it's not the usual park slide. It's my aunt's Beetle. I don't know how we did it but we would climb from the back and then slide down the wind shield. That's my fondest memory of the Beetle. And I believe that we didn't break it in any way. Aah, fun times!

Here's a quick look-back on that iconic bug car we all know and love:

Sunday, April 13, 2014


        We're here again at The Bellevue Hotel at Alabang (Thanks to Jane Go of Sugar and Spice blog!) and as always, we're having a blast! Yesterday afternoon, part of our schedule was to lounge by the pool and play some board games. Not just any ordinary board game. They're SUPERSIZED!!!

        Huge games blown up to Supersized sizes were laid on the floor for everyone to play on! So cool! It's the first time we encountered this type of entertainment!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Make a Difference in Life with MADiL Flip Flops!

        I remember the days when slippers we're plain and boring and only used inside the house. Now, they're called flip flops and can now be worn out of the house as part of your "OOTD" (outfit of the day). They come in a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from.

        I'm glad this has become a thing because I am so a flip flop girl. It's so comfortable to wear. Sure they cost a lot more but you will find out that these flip flops will last you years and don't easily get worn out. 


Friday, April 11, 2014

CalChews : My Yummy New Daily Vitamins!

        I remember when my sister and I were only a couple of year olds... We would sneak into our bedroom when our dad wasn't there so we could steal some Flintstone chewable vitamins. I think we could only take it once a day but it was so good that we wanted more! And now that we're all grown up, I never thought that I would still come across something similar that would have me fighting the urge to take more than one a day. Because it's just too delicious! Readers, meet CalChews!

CalChews is a delicious health suppliment (calcium to be exact) that tastes something like a tootsie roll. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lock Down!: Don't-Leave-Me Phase

        She's in a stage now where she wants me to almost always carry her because she's worried I might leave her. Can't blame her because at 2 years and 6 months she's now more aware whenever I leave her with the care of her Yaya or my sister. Yep. She's in that Don't-leave-me phase!

        And so now even during sleeping time, she would refuse to sleep on the bed but wants to sleep on top of me or Richie instead. Making sure we're on "lock down". Literally. So yes, it's going to be even harder for us to leave the house now to attend to work and leave her behind, but it's okay. Because I know I will be missing this phase before I know it :-(

        Anyway, after a long nap-less day, she's finally asleep! Will give it a few minutes before I slowly put her down to bed and put on Shawn -T's hip hop abs hahaha! (Try it! It's fun!)

        Planning on exercising tonight since I wasn't able to exercise this afternoon. Did you know that exercising before sleeping helps you burn more fat while you're asleep? Just found that out now. Thanks google! :-)

Anyway, have a pleasant evening everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lifeproof Megamall Branch: Good Customer Service

        I finally convinced Richie to buy an iPad mini. Not only is it good for travel, but mainly because he and Rain usually fights over our existing iPad 3. Haha! He loves his Android Samsung but it would be nice for him to have the best of both worlds. Plus, he really does need a tablet for his future travels. 

        And while the iPad has excellent touch responsiveness whateveryoucallit, Richie still wanted an Bluetooth keypad that is already built in inside an iPad mini casing. 

        So when I went on a hunt for one at Cyberzone in SM Megamall, I thanked my lucky stars that the very first store I went to had it. I took a photo of it and sent it to Richie for approval and he loved it. In fact, that afternoon we went back to buy it, but unfortunately turns out it wasn't compatible for iPad mini retina (which is what Richie has). Toink! So just in case, I left my number with him so they can contact me in case they have it in stock. Heartbroken, we went home.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vikings Opens Mother's Day Contest: The Best Mom

        Even before your very first heartbeat, your mother has been there for you. Raised you inside her until you were ready to be born into this world. From your first cry, to your first baby steps, and way until you're all grown up to choose to face the challenges of life independently. I'm not just saying this because I'm one, but mothers really are something else!

image from Vikings Facebook Page

        And as a special way of celebrating Mother's Day, Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant is holding a Mother's Day contest called "The Best Mom"! It's open to all for a chance to win a free meal for 4 at Vikings! 

Pico De Loro Cove’s Pico Astro Camp this Summer!

        I remember when I was still a kid, one of the pastimes that my cousin and I love to do during browouts is to stargaze. My late uncle Bobby actually had a telescope and we would hang out by our old family house’s huge terrace and fall in line one by one to take turns peeping at the telescope. Often times we would even see shooting stars! What fun childhood we had and I’m really thankful for that!

star gazing
Pico Astro Camp (Photo from Pico De Loro)

        But this summer, kids can experience this too and look up at the stars and planets with an amazing star gazing experience only at Pico De Loro Cove’s Pico Astro Camp happening on April 26, 2014!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spend the Lenten Season At F1 Hotel Manila!

        The Lenten season is drawing closer and closer. And while others think of it as a time to go on a vacation, a lot still take it to heart by repenting and purifying themselves by giving up things we indulge in as a kind of sacrifice as a way of imitating Jesus' 40 day fasting in the wilderness. But at F1 Hotel Manila, you can do both!

        F1 Hotel Manila graciously invited us with other food and lifestyle bloggers last weekend to once again experience a relaxing weekend in this beautiful hotel at the heart of Bonifacio Global City to have a taste of what they are preparing for Easter!

        First off, F1 Hotel Manila has prepared beautiful and delicious seafood entrees that will not allow you to break your no-meat fasting.

Tofu Quiche

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Magnum Manila Opening On April 8 2014!

Magnum Manila

        First of all, I never knew a Magnum Cafe existed in places like Milan, New York, Toronto, Paris, etc. Second of all, I never would have thought Manila would be opening one soon! On April 8, 2014 to be exact. At the SM Aura SkyPark Dining! And will only be operating for 12 months!  

        Given the fact that I love Magnum bars, you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard this great news, and more so when we got an invite to try it out before it opens to the public! Check out my detailed pleasurable experience over at The Pickiest Eater

        In the meanwhile, of course I would also want to share at least some photos of my experience here in my humble mommy / home and living blog!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Frozen Toys Always Out of Stock in Manila But Found These...


        Always out of stock. That's pretty much the gist for now. My little Rainbow loves loves loves the animated movie (who doesn't?) and I would really love for her to get to play with some Frozen merchandise.

        The sucky part is that when we were at this tiny mall in San Fernando La Union called CSI Mall, I saw a whole bunch of Frozen toys there. And I was pretty sure they were original. Because it was the same ones I would see online. But I hesitated on buying because I thought maybe it would be less expensive back in Manila. The toy I had my eye on was 1,200. Can you believe it? For two small dolls! So there, I didn't buy.

        Fast forward to when we got back in Manila. The following day we went to Crimson Hotel for a blog gig. During our rest time, Richie went to a nearby mall to buy Rain a Frozen toy. Out of stock. Apparently the wealthy Alabang moms buy out all the stocks as soon as the shelves are restocked. Uh-oh... Oh well for sure there will be in Megamall or something. 

        A few days after, I went to Toy Kingdom. And all Frozen toys are out of stock and they weren't sure if they were ever going to get stock again. Heart-broken, I walked back to Podium. On my way back, I passed by St. Francis as I always do. Then just when all hope was lost, I passed by a toy stall and found these...