Monday, April 28, 2014

Chorizo De Cebu, Anyone?

cebu chorizo for sale

        I remember my first food trip to Cebu with Richie. He took me to this market called Larsian. A huge lot filled with barbecue vendors selling cheap but super good grilled stuff! One of which is the Cebu Chorizo. Cute round processed meat that is juicy and sweet, and really good to eat with puso (Cebu's special rice wrapped in weaved leaves). If only I could have that everyday.

Actually, I can!

Chorizo, anyone?

        Yes, Cebu Chorizo can now be purchased here in Manila. Thanks to Chorizo De Cebu, the yummy business of Kevin Vitug & Justyn Reyes. "Quality processed sausages made with tender love by the finest fingers!" 

cebu chorizo for sale

        One pack contains... I don't know... a lot! This is probably good for 5-10 meals. Depending on your appetite of course. 

cebu chorizo for sale

And it's easy to prepare as well. Just fry it and it's done!

cebu chorizo for sale

        I love the taste of this Pork Hamonado. It's sweet but at the same time there's a hint of heat which makes it more interesting.

cebu chorizo garlic rice

        And of course, as per request of my dear husband, he wanted garlic rice using the oil from the Chorizo. So good!!!

cebu chorizo for sale

Pair it with a couple of sunny side ups and you've got a champion breakfast!

Other flavors are:

Pork Hamonado
Garlic Pork
Spicy Pork
Chicken Hamonado
Garlic Chicken
Spicy Chicken
and the new VIGANISA!

        To order or for price inquiries, just text 0906-334-2404 & 0915-9878882. Totally worth it!

        Follow Chorizo De Cebu on their social networks! On Facebook: Chorizo De Cebu Philippines , on Instagram: @chorizodecebuph  and @sirkevinmartin


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