Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lifeproof Megamall Branch: Good Customer Service

        I finally convinced Richie to buy an iPad mini. Not only is it good for travel, but mainly because he and Rain usually fights over our existing iPad 3. Haha! He loves his Android Samsung but it would be nice for him to have the best of both worlds. Plus, he really does need a tablet for his future travels. 

        And while the iPad has excellent touch responsiveness whateveryoucallit, Richie still wanted an Bluetooth keypad that is already built in inside an iPad mini casing. 

        So when I went on a hunt for one at Cyberzone in SM Megamall, I thanked my lucky stars that the very first store I went to had it. I took a photo of it and sent it to Richie for approval and he loved it. In fact, that afternoon we went back to buy it, but unfortunately turns out it wasn't compatible for iPad mini retina (which is what Richie has). Toink! So just in case, I left my number with him so they can contact me in case they have it in stock. Heartbroken, we went home.

        That night, the salesman Jeth called me from their office and said he found the case that we wanted that's compatible for our unit. It was the only unit left too. So he took it and reserved it for us right away. So as a customer, I really appreciated that. 

        Then this morning, we went to Megamall to finally buy it. But Jeth wasn't there. It was another salesman, Jess. Jeth's shift wasn't until the afternoon. I was worried that we went there early for nothing. But as it turns out, Jeth already advised Jess about us and the unit was already there. Awesomesauce!!! 

        Thank you Jeth, and Jess (in the photo) for the awesome service! Although we technically didn't buy a Lifeproof item, the assistance we got from them was top notch! 

        And oh, this is what we got! A Griffin leather casing with a Bluetooth keyboard attached! It's called Griffin Slim Keyboard Folio (P3,495)

                     Happy Blogger!


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  2. Hi could I possibly ask for the location of the lifeproof store in megamall? Gracias. :)

  3. hi how much for the 8 lifeproof Fre Black and 1 lifeproof fre white for iphone 6

  4. Is it made out of silicon? I saw a bluetooth keyboard at (, and it's made of silicon for comfortable usage. How much is it? Thank you ms rina

  5. What is your contact number lifeproof. Ung binili kong lifeproof housing sa inyo na sabi nyo pede sa under water at mali. I used it sa bday celebration ko and we went sa fortune island to dilo cliff jumping. Pero ito ng iphone 6 ko na nasa loob ng lifeptoof case na ka tubig sa loob and it damage my iphone 6. I need to ge back my money it 3550 for case that i will not use underwater!!!




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