Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two New Lysol Products Moms will Just Love!

lysol new products

        Whenever I hear the brand Lysol, the first word that comes to mind is really "disinfectant". It has actually became a norm for people to turn to Lysol whenever they feel the need to shoo away germs that can cause sickness. Especially for moms that has a natural instinct to protect their kids from these not-so-cute germs.

        Rain's room now has become more of a toy / storage room rather than a bed room. She sleeps in our room ever since she was born. So this means whatever germs that my husband and I catch from outside the house, Rain has a good chance of getting it too. And so from time to time, we really have Lysol included in our grocery list. It's not only to make any room smell better, it's to kill not just any germs but specific germs that cause illnesses at the same time.

lysol new products

        Yesterday, I was introduced to a new product of Lysol that makes my life a tad easier! It's Lysol Disinfectant Spray for Baby's Room, and the Lysol Liquid Hand Soap. Both great new items that is a must-have on any mom's grocery list.

        The Lysol Disinfectant Spray for Baby's Room smells really good. Like a baby's powder. And of course aside from the good baby smell, it disinfects your baby's room (or any room for that matter) in just 10 minutes.

viruses lysol kills

It kills specific viruses, bacteria, and fungi stated at the back of the can...

viruses lysol kills

         ...And if you notice, these are the viruses that our babies get shots for from their Pedias. No wonder it's the #1 Pedia-recommended disinfectant brand. 

lysol baby spray

        So even though Rain doesn't really user her room for now, I now still spray it everyday with this spray for Baby's room because I'll never know what germ might be lurking around. Plus, it makes the room really smell like a newly showered baby hehe.

lysol baby spray

And of course, since she sleeps with us, I use it for the Master's bedroom as well.

lysol baby spray

        And yes I also use it in the living room where she spends most of her time playing. 

lysol handwash

        I'm also thrilled that Lysol now has a liquid hand wash! As we all know, a liquid hand wash is much more hygienic than a bar of soap especially when more than one person is using the same bar. The Lysol liquid hand wash does not only cleans and disinfects your hands but it also has moisturizers to keep those hands soft!

lysol skincare
Stacey's Cafe's washroom uses Lysol Skincare liquid soap!
It comes in Original (green), Fresh (yellow), and Skin Care (pink). 

healthy home

        With Lysol, you will not only have a fresh-smelling clean home. Cleaning is just the first step. Lysol gives you the second step of disinfecting, giving you a healthy home!

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