Sunday, April 27, 2014

Phoenix Court's Dimsum Buffet at The Bellevue Manila!

The Bellevue Manila Lobby

        Knowing my Dad's love for Dimsum, Richie and I have been planning to take him and my sister to one of the best Dimsum places we've tried. And that's Phoenix Court in The Bellevue Hotel Manila in Alabang. 

bellevue voucher

As soon as they announced their special promo vouchers, we immediately purchased their Dimsum Buffet!

pink turbo birthday

It was also our post treat for my sister, non other than miss Pink Turbo!

phoenix dimsum menu

Here's their Eat All You Can Dimsum menu. Eat dimsum to your heart's desire!

phoenix court

While everyone were serious on deciding what to have first...

minnie baby books

The little Rainbow was also serious on deciding what to "read" first.

steamed nuts

        I've said it before, and I'll say it again... this is the best steamed nuts appetizer I've had so far! Super juicy and seasoned to perfection! Salty with a tinge of sweetness at the same time!

minced beef soup with leek

My dad always likes to start his meals with a hearty soup. He got the Minced Beef Soup with Leek

pork spareribs

Actually, everything we tried was really good. I loved their Pork Spareribs with Taosi...

pork and shrimp siomai

Their Pork and Shrimp Dumpling Siomai was really good as well. Really packed with a lot of meat.

barbecue pork pastry

        The Barbecue Pork Pastry was one of Richie's favorites. It's a savory hot pastry that's a very good example of a sweet and salty dimsum.

shanghai dumpling

        The Shanghai Dumpling was quite good as well but since it was the last thing we ordered, we were all too full to really appreciate it. Sorry Shanghai Dumpling! Don't take it personal!

chicken feet

        My dad loves Chicken Feet. He never fails to order one in a dimsum restaurant. I haven't really tried one but my dad says it's good!

crispy pork bun

        The Crispy Pork Bun is very delicious! It's like fried sweet siopao with savory pork inside. Really good! This really filled up our stomachs.

        Glutinous Pork Pie is always on Richie's must-order list. It's a delight to eat because the dough (or whatever you call it) that embraces the pork is very chewy like a rice cake. 

Crystal prawn dumpling hakao

        And last but most definitely NOT the least is Crystal Prawns Dumpling Hakao! It's my all-time favorite hakao so far! It's just really plump, and really filled with yummy shrimps. Dip it in their special soy sauce and I'm in heaven! It was actually the first thing I ordered. This is always my first order of business when I'm in Phoenix Court!

Yang Chow

We also ordered some Yang Chow fried rice. I like my Pork Spareribs with rice. Always.


For dessert, of course we got some deep-fried sesame ball butchi

Mango Sago Cream

And also the chilled Mango Sago Cream. A simple dessert but very refreshing and addicting.

Phoenix Court

        Phoenix Court is really one of my favorite Chinese restaurant ever, and my favorite restaurant at The Bellevue Manila! We never fail to have a great time there!

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