Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SPAM Tocino, Limited Edition!

        My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Not just because I'm starving in the morning and need food for energy, but because I looooove breakfast food! I love hotdogs, crispy bacon (of course), I really love eggs, and  I am a big fan of SPAM as well!

        We've been seeing photos of a certain Tocino SPAM spreading all around the net. And we've been dying to try it ever since. But we never do see it in supermarkets near us. It's one of life's greatest mysteries. Like a breakfast unicorn!

        Finally, Richie's friend Chef Ian of Sebastian's posted on Facebook that he was able to buy some SPAM Tocino. And Richie was able to turn up his charms and was able to get the information from Chef Ian on where he found the SPAM Tocino. So off to Robinsons Supermarket in Eastwood we go!

        And there it was, on the canned meat isle, sitting pretty, with only a few cans left! Can you spot then in the picture?:)

        It's P105 pesos per can. A bit more expensive than the normal SPAM. Richie told me to buy 5 cans. But I went all out and bought 6.  Haha!  Seeing the almost empty section of the SPAM Tocino, I felt the need to add at least one more!

        So here they are sitting pretty in our kitchen cabinet!

        So needless to say, we had it for breakfast the next day. Richie likes his SPAM in thin crispy slices. I, on the other hand, like it thick! We just fried them normally like how we do with normal SPAM. 

        But there's actually some cooking instructions at the back to make the SPAM more caramelized. I didn't see it until we were already eating.  Will try it next time. But just normal frying was fine as well. 

        Was it good? Yes. Richie loved it because it's sweet (of course since it's Tocino), I liked it too! It's hard to have just  a few slices. But I just wish there was still some saltiness left in the SPAM, which is what I love about SPAM in the first place. But it was still good nonetheless. 

        I'll give you a tip: There's also some in SM Aura Supermarket!;) 


  1. waaa sana meron din nyang SPAM Tocino near our place. Gusto ko na siya matikman huhuhu.

    1. Try and try until you succeed! Hehehe ;-)

  2. I am a fan of spam, didn't know they have a tocino flavor already. I will definitely buy one (sana lang may mabili ako, lol).

  3. Yung last photo Rins, parang gusto ko nang kagatin yung spam :p haha!

  4. Bumili ako last time Spam bacon yata yun. Next time, bilhin ko naman spam tocino & spam cheese. Hehe
    Kaibril's Sweet Life - Delicious desserts

    1. Which reminds me... May cheese spam pa kami pala! Have to eat that soon. Hehehe :-)

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