Sunday, April 13, 2014


        We're here again at The Bellevue Hotel at Alabang (Thanks to Jane Go of Sugar and Spice blog!) and as always, we're having a blast! Yesterday afternoon, part of our schedule was to lounge by the pool and play some board games. Not just any ordinary board game. They're SUPERSIZED!!!

        Huge games blown up to Supersized sizes were laid on the floor for everyone to play on! So cool! It's the first time we encountered this type of entertainment!


        Even Rain who usually couldn't resist glistening swimming pools, became mesmerized with the big things on the floor even though she didn't know how to play with them. They have Tic Tac Toe...                                

        They have Snakes and Ladders with giant dices too!

        Richie had a blast playing it with Lauren...

        Guess we all know who won hehe. 

         They also have the classic Scrabble game. Here's Rain forming the word RUSUPERSIZED for 500 points! (We let her win. )

        ... And they even supersized the Pick Up Sticks! Can't remember the last time I played this game! It has been ages!!!!


        ...Oh! And how can I forget the gigantic Jenga?! This game is extra thrilling because the blocks are real wood therefore, heavy! It's scary if it tumbles down. But I was told that when kids play it, they provide helmets. Good call! Safety first!


         Awesome party activity for kids and the kids at heart from SUPERSIZED!!! For inquiries, follow them on Instagram (@supersizedph). Or you may email them at, or viber at +639285555920

Shameless plug: Rain's super cute nautical dress is from Bug and Kelly Kids Wear! ;-) 


  1. Ang bilis! :) Thank you Rina!! :-*

  2. I saw this too from Bimby's 7th birthday party. almost all the supersized games where featured at Kris TV.. very aliw!

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