Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vikings Opens Mother's Day Contest: The Best Mom

        Even before your very first heartbeat, your mother has been there for you. Raised you inside her until you were ready to be born into this world. From your first cry, to your first baby steps, and way until you're all grown up to choose to face the challenges of life independently. I'm not just saying this because I'm one, but mothers really are something else!

image from Vikings Facebook Page

        And as a special way of celebrating Mother's Day, Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant is holding a Mother's Day contest called "The Best Mom"! It's open to all for a chance to win a free meal for 4 at Vikings! 

Just answer this question: Why is your mom the best?

1) Contestants may send to Vikings their inspirational expression on why his/her Mom is the best through the form of essay, photo, artwork, song, poem, video, or photo.

2) Contestants must submit their work through e-mail to vikingsmarketing@gmail.com on or before April 20, 2014 without delay, in order to make their entry valid.

3) When submitting his/her work, contestant must include in their entry:

- His/Her name
- Address
- E-mail Address
- Age
- Phone Number
- A picture of his/her Mom
- A picture of contestant 

4) 5 winners will be chosen and announced on April 25, 2014 through our social media sites.

5) Winning entries will also be featured on our Mother's Day mural that will be displayed on the store front during the week of Mother's day.

You can start as early as now! Get those creative juices flowing and you could win the buffet experience of a lifetime!


  1. Woooww.. this is going to be much awaited contest..hmmm, I wanted to join,kaso my mom is not my real mom.. lol ^^

    1. Hi Jocris!

      I don't think that would be an issue!:-) whoever you consider your mom... (The one who took care of you and has been there for you all these years ) is as good as your real mom :-) in fact if you ask me that's even more amazing :-)

  2. I was thinking about doing this but my mother left at a very young age and I was raised by TWO strong women and a very amazing father who LUCKILY was in the fashion industry. These people are my moms and I cant just choose one :(

    1. I think it should be the thought that counts!:-) so no matter how many moms you have, as long as the message is touching, I hope that will still count :-) I'd say just do it!;-) dedicate it to all of them!;-) nothing to loose ;-) best of luck!!!

  3. Yey!! Thank you Rina. I was planning to surprise my mom and I think this will serve as a big help. Thank you so much :)

    1. Kela him sure she will appreciate it! Wishing you the best of luck!!!:-)


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