Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome Back The New Beetle!

The New Beetle

        I remember when my cousins and I were a couple of years old, we would go out in the garage and go on our slide. But it's not the usual park slide. It's my aunt's Beetle. I don't know how we did it but we would climb from the back and then slide down the wind shield. That's my fondest memory of the Beetle. And I believe that we didn't break it in any way. Aah, fun times!

Here's a quick look-back on that iconic bug car we all know and love:

Beetle 50's and 60's

Beetle 70's

beetle 80's

beetle 90's

Beetle 2000

Beetle 2000s

        And now, the Bug is back!  

New beetle Ayala

        Brought in by Ayala Auto Holdings Corporation (AAHC) and Automobile Central Enterprise, Inc. (ACEI), lead by Fernando Zobel de Ayala (President and COO of Ayala Corporation), with his brother Jaime Agusto Zobel de Ayala, and with CEO John Philip Orbeta.

new beetle silver

        This new generation carries a new design updated with new technologies. Now I may not really know much about cars but Electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering and Bi-xenon head lights with automatic headlight activation and LED daytime running lights, and 7-speed DSG transmission and New Direct Injected Gasonline Engine with Twincharger all sounds pretty bad-ass!

new beetle side shot

        As for the new look, the new bug is now strutting the runway with a more sporty look, with the wind screen more swept-back, it's bonnet extended, and has a longer wheelbase.  

New beetle dashboard

The interior gives a more improved feeling of space because of the longer roof section.

New Beetle Dashboard

Dashboard. Very clean and sporty-looking!

new beetle back seat

The back seat. It's actually quite spacious!

new beetle trunk

The trunk. I think Rain's umbrella stroller would fit in here along with other overnight bags, or a couple of big grocery bags

new beetle doors

Sidings look clean as well.

The Engine:

New Beetle Engine

For the Beetle 1.4 TSI Design DSG
- Beetle 1.4 TSI with 240 Nm at 1500 - 4500 rpm
- Power: 160 Ps at 5800 rpm
- New Direct Injected Gasonline Engine with Twincharger
- 7-speed DSG transmission
- Electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering
- Bi-xenon head lights with automatic headlight activation and LED daytime running lights

For the Beetle 1.2 TSI Design MT
- Beetle 1.2 TSI with 175 Nm at 1400 rpm
- Power: 105 Ps at 4500 rpm
- New Direct INjected Gasoline Engine with Turbocharger
- 6-speed manual transition
- Electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering
- Halogen head lights with automatic headlight activation and separate daytime running lights

New Beetle rims

The bug's shoes!

New Beetle Back

And the bug's sexy back!

Other Specs:

New Beetle Specs

New Beetle Specs

Beetle Colors:

New Beetle Dark Silver

Dark Silver

New Beetle Black


New Beetle Silver

Light Silver

New Beetle White


New Beetle Red


Fernando Zobel de Ayala

"No other car evokes as much nostalgia, tradition, and heritage as the Beetle. As such, I am especially pleased and excited to launch a car as iconic and celebrated as the one we have launched tonight"
 - Fernando Zobel de Ayala

JP Orbeta

"The Beetle has always been special to me. I first learned how to drive with a Beetle and will always have fond memories, as I'm sure many Filipinos do. And now I am extremely proud to be heralding the return of the world's most iconic car back to Philippine shores"
- Mr. J.P Orbeta

chai pink turbo

       I'm also really glad that I was able to invite my sister who's currently trying to build her car blog :-) So if you want to read more from a car enthusiast's point of view check out her Beetle blog entry here!

new beetle ayala zobel

Let's all welcome the New Beetle! 


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