Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland: Even More Magical The 2nd Time Around!

        I never got to go to Disneyland as a child. And so when my husband and I were planning on where to go on our honeymoon back in 2008, he already knew that Hong Kong Disneyland was the obvious choice. I remember tearing up as soon as Sleeping Beauty's castle came into view. And I so vividly remember fighting the urge to cry as I watched Disney in the Stars, which is Disneyland's spectacular fireworks before the park closes. Even for an adult like me, I still think it's the magical place on earth. And just like any other newlywed, I dreamed of going back to take my child and see the smile on his / her face when she experiences the magic of Disneyland!

Disneyland with granparents

        It took us a while to have a child but finally 3 years later, our little Rainbow was born! And 2 years and 6 months after that, through the loving hearts of my mom and dad in law, the whole family went on a 5 day trip to Hong Kong,  2 days of which was spent at Disneyland! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! And I was especially excited about the three new lands that were built. This means a lot of new attractions! And I was also looking forward to staying 2 nights at the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel!

Hong Kong Disneyland

        Taking a photo by the entrance. From here you can already hear instrumental Disney music that can give you goosebumps. Instrumental versions from your favorite Disney animation classics. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Entrance

        A Mickey landscape greets you by the very entrance of Disneyland Park. Right above it is the Disneyland Railroad. I would have loved to try and ride this but this service is currently suspended.

Disney Castle Hong Kong

        Sleeping Beauty's Castle really takes my breath away! I mean this is the icon you always see at the start of each Disney movie. I didn't tear up this time, because I was busy being excited for Rain. I wanted to see her reaction when she sees it live because whenever we would watch Disney movies with her, she always screams "castle!" during the opening credits. So upon walking inside Disneyland, and as soon as the castle came into view, as expected, Rain exclaimed "CASTLE!!!" Aaaah priceless! :-)

2-Day Pass

        As I mentioned, we got a 2-day pass for Disneyland Park. We had our travel agent book the tickets for us and turns out a meal stub was included. We used this for lunch on our first day.

starline diner chicken

        We ate at the Starline Diner located at Tomorrowland which offers American food. Burgers, chicken, salads, and sundaes. The Chicken was very good. Huge too! It comes with a choice of fries or rice on the side and half a corn on the cob.It's really filling! They even give you plastic gloves so you can eat the chicken with your hands. Makes it even more delicious!

        The nice thing about the 2-day pass is that you don't have to use it in two consecutive days. You can use it on any 2 days as long as it is within the 7-day time frame. The ticket price of the 2-day pass are as follows (Grabbed from Disneyland Hong Kong Website):

Ticket Type

2-Day Ticket*
General Admission Ticket (aged 12-64)
Child Ticket (aged 3-11)
Senior Ticket (aged 65 or above)
Click here for more details on this type of pass.

Disney Stage Shows

        For our first day we focused on catching all the shows first. If there's one thing we learned during our first visit here, it's to watch all the shows because each are very spectacular in their own way. A lot of people make the mistake of not watching the shows in Disneyland. If you're planning a trip there please please please watch the shows! Do not underestimate it. It's really magical! Very well-made! Both kids and adults of all ages will really enjoy! I choose not to say much because it's better to be there to watch it without any idea of what to expect. If you see it on YouTube, remember that it's really different when you watch it live.

golden mickeys hong kong
Golden Mickeys
festival of the lion king hong kong
Festival of the Lion King
       I wanted to share the show times here but looks like they change every week because the Times Guide print out is specifically dated "May 4-10" Don't worry you can get a copy right after going through the entrance.

        It's also advised that you arrive at the show venue around 30 minutes before the showing if you want to get seats at all. There's usually a long line of people in each showing times.

Flights of Fantasy Parade

Disney Parade Hong Kong
Screenshot from the video Richie took
        Also, don't miss the Flights of Fantasy Parade that only happens once a day. The floats are absolutely beautiful and this is the time that you will be able to see all your favorite Disney characters in their beautiful floats! I don't have a photo of the parade because my husband was taking a video and I was carrying Rain the whole time. You can see the time of the parade on the Times Guide as well. Make sure you get a good view by getting a good spot along Mainstreet USA, which is the route of the parade.

Disneyland Hong Kong Expansion

        For the second day, that's when we went to explore the three new lands! Toy Story Land, Mystic Point, and Grizzly Gulch. All of which are really really awesome! I will be writing these on another post. I'm so excited! Stay tuned!!!

Park Promenade

        But for now I just want to thank my generous and caring Mom and Dad for making this trip a possibility! Even if it was my second time, it still felt like the first! That's what's great about Disneyland. New lands and attractions are being slowly but meticulously opened for whole new levels of magic!


  1. this is also our dream for baby geoff. hopefully we could bring him to see mickey mouse by next year :)

    1. Oh he will have a blast! And so will you and your husband! hehehe :-) Make sure to watch the shows! :-) On 2016 the Iron Man Experience will open in Hong Kong Disneyland! :-)

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