Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Stuff at Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom

        ... or at least new to me. I don't exactly remember the last time I went to Enchanted Kingdom but I'm sure it was a long time ago. A few months ago, as part of our south staycation itinerary (special thanks again to the lovely Jane Go of Sugar and Spice blog , we went to Enchanted Kingdom to try their new 7D Interactive Motion Theater. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be much, but I was wrong. It was pretty awesome!

Enchanted Kingdom 7D ride

It's at the 4D Discovery Theatre. Right beside Rio Grande Rapids.

Enchanted Kingdom 7D ride

        Finally! Our turn! Yes the screen looks blurry because it's in 7D. You have to wear the special glasses. It's a 16-seater theater. And there were 14 of us. So we all went in at the same time as a group.

Enchanted Kingdom 7D ride

One last photo with my seatmates at the back! With Jane Go of Sugar and Spice, Joan and Abet Lim of The Food Alphabet

Enchanted Kingdom 7D ride

        One of the added features of this ride is its inter-activeness. So grab your gun and prepare to shoot! At first I wasn't really sure what the "film" was. So I was thrilled to find out that it was a Zombie flick! Sort of like The Walking Dead. Pretty thrilling! First there will be a shooting range scene where you can practice your shooting skills. Then right after the practice mode, photos of us appeared on the screen with our shooting scores. Pretty cool!!! So it's not actually just interactive. It's a competition! Bring it on!

        Over-all, it's a scary ride with seat motion synced to the film, feel effects (or whatever you call it) such as gusts of wind, or water splattering,  and as I mentioned, it is interactive by shooting down zombies and trying to get the highest score among your seatmates! Final scores will again be revealed at the end along with your photo. It's fun! Supposedly the first of it's kind here in the Philippines.

What else is new?

Enchanted Kingdom 2014

        So aside from the 7D Interactive Motion Theater, what else has changed since my last visit? Upon entering, I noticed more game kiosks where you can win huge stuffed toys. Sort of like what you see in carnivals where you try to hoop a ring in a bottle, shoot a ball, etc. The stuffed toys look pretty cute too. And huge!

Enchanted Kingdom 2014

        Like this particular booth wherein you can win a prize even if you don't actually win the game. The fee was P50. And win or lose, you get to bring home one of those inflatable crayons which Rain had been eyeing on when we were there hehe.

Enchanted Kingdom 2014

        Yes, she "won"! ;-) Technically I bought the crayon for P50 hahaha! Not bad though. Here's Rain showing off her prize! Wearing her super cute Bug and Kelly Music Inspired shirt!

Enchanted Kingdom Disk-O-Magic

        Then I saw this. The Disk-O-Magic. Where it rocks back and fourth while spinning. I personally am okay with not trying it. Spinning rides make me nauseous.

Enchanted Kingdom EKstreme

        This EKstreme wasn't also there the last time I visited. I rode one of these at Ocean Park in Hong Kong during our honeymoon and it was awesome! Except that in Hong Kong you would be overlooking the sea. It was much more terrifying. The ride reaches the top slowly, then all of a sudden drops hard. If you haven't tried it I suggest you should. It's fun!

Enchanted Kingdom Jungle Log Jam

        I also visited my favorite EK ride. The Jungle Log Jam. It's still there and still looked like fun. The final drop really freaks me out but I still like riding it anyway. You will almost always get wet that's why you have to bring an extra shirt or something. 

Enchanted Kingdom Haystack Dryer

        But what I wanted to point out was this Haystack Dryer which I thought was a brilliant addition to the park. It's sort of like a vending machine for a huge dryer hehe. So if you get drenched from Jungle Log Jam or Rio Grande, just step into one of these and dry your clothes away. 

enchanted kingdom Wheel of Fate

Other than that, it was all pretty much the same. Wheel of Fate...

enchanted kingdom space shuttle
Space Shuttle, etc.

enchanted kingdom

Anyway, I was happy we were with Rain! Look at her, hugging her crayon!

enchanted kingdom

I know she will not remember this but we can always go back. 

enchanted kingdom

Selfie with the hubby!

Enchanted Kingdom is located at:

San Lorenzo South
4026 Santa Rosa, Laguna
Tel. no.: 6328303535, 6325843535

Official Website: http://www.enchantedkingdom.ph/home.html
Facebook page: Enchanted Kingdom


  1. Oh wow! I didn't notice the haystack dryer. Pwede rin sa mega pawis na dinanas natin sa EK hahaha!! :P Thank you so much Rina, baby Rain & Richie for joining us even with the heat & traffic. Miss you rina see you soon!! And thank you for the special mention! :-*

    1. Kami ang thankful sayo!;-) we had loads of fun!:-) miss you too! See you soon!:-)

  2. Hopefully matry ko din to if makapunta ako ulit ng Manila.
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    1. Yes plan a trip to EK when you're in Manila :)

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  5. Omg that 7D looks amazing! Wasn't there when we went to EK last 2013 :( Now I need to go back. :)


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