Sunday, June 1, 2014

5 Things I'm Okay with NOT Doing

        Just watched The Descent. And it just validated the reason why I'm too scared to do incredibly adventurous things. Call me a wuss, I'm fine with that. All I know is that these are the top 5 things I'm okay with NOT DOING in my life...

#5: Sky diving- jumping without any harness is not in any form inviting to me. But even if there was a harness... 

#4: Bunjee jumping - I do not wish to deliberately jump off a bridge and hit my head on the ground if the bouncy rope thingy snaps. Even if there were no jumping involved like ....

#3: Rock climbing - just thinking about it makes my palms and feet sweaty. That's why stairs and elevators were invented! But even if being on tall heights wasn't a factor like diving....

#2: Night diving - that's still a negative. Snorkeling I can handle. But only at daylight and only at the shallow parts. But diving tons of feet into the depths of the ocean? No thank you. Diving at night? Underwater with pitch black visibility? Are you crazy?!

Top 1: Going inside caves - I'm claustrophobic. Who knows when the cave really leads and when the cave suddenly decides to crash down and trap you there forever?! I don't like literally digging myself into a deeper hole. (I just googled the deepest cave in the world! And it is insane!!! (

I'm really not, in any shape or form, sporty. I stink at any sports games too. I'm happy just sitting by the bleachers and cheering for support. Hehehe :-)

Just a random post :-)


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