Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Do It Together with the NEW Oreo App on iTunes!

do it together oreo app

        Whoever thought a small treat could bring families closer together? Sounds bizarre but you would immediately understand when I say that that treat is an Oreo cookie. Oreo has been around since 1912, promoting the importance of family time and togetherness, with a simple snack break. We know the famous milk dunking commercials that always touch our hearts. And yes, the're always of families dunking an Oreo cookie together.

        From 1912 until the present times, where the world is practically run by the world wide web,  Oreo still makes it their goal to find ways to promote family quality time. And in this world of smart phones and tablets, Oreo has created a family app that is filled with fun activities that you can do with the whole family!

It's the Oreo DIT (Do It Together)!!!

        What's great about this app is that it does not only give you a list of activities, it's also an app where you can capture these precious moments so you can always look back and cherish these memories.

do it together oreo app

        Here are the features of the Do It Together App. The tabs are grouped into activities, Memory Book, Badges, Spotlight, Profile Settings, and Feedback where you can send your thoughts or suggestions about the app.


do it together oreo app

        The list of activities are refreshed every week. So you'll never run out of new stuff to do! Also, the activities of DIT Oreo has a wide range. It can be as simple as talking and sharing... not needing any materials

do it together oreo app

        But it also has activities where materials are required (but don't worry they're usually materials found at home)

do it together oreo app

        I also like the fact that they still acknowledge the fun in old school games wherein no electric gadget is needed, bringing you back to simpler times.

do it together oreo app

And it also can bring the whole family back to nature! 

Memory Book

do it together oreo app

        I haven't tried doing the activities yet with Rain because she won't get it yet and would just rather make a mess of the activity that I'll be preparing (hahaha!) But I already tried creating my first entry on the Memory Book! She was climbing and hugging me from behind and I knew it was definitely a moment I want to freeze!

do it together oreo app

        When you add an entry to your Memory Book, there's a text box where you can type a caption, and you can also save a voice recording of that moment which I forgot to do haha!

do it together oreo app

        And then of course you can link your app with your Facebook or Twitter so you can share these moments with just a tap of a button.


do it together oreo app

        The addicting part is that each time you complete an activity, you earn fun badges! It's like a collect-them-all kind of thing. I don't have one yet but each badge is designed differently. Like a girl scout's badge.


do it together oreo app

        The spotlight is where you can find alerts on new updates, new activities, or even family events that are happening near your area!

 Profile Settings

 do it together oreo app

         From the Profile Settings you can see your progress on your badges as well as the activities you have completed. Here is also where you can set your email address, family name, etc., and also where you can see options of connecting your Facebook and Twitter to your DIT Oreo profile.

        Do It Together app can really be something that you and your whole family can routinely do together. The kids won't get bored because of the variety of activities that are refreshed weekly, and it's definitely a nice app to have on your phone where you can just open to watch and reminisce the fun times you've had with your family! I'm excited to try one of the activities soon with Rain and Richie!

#DoItTogether with Oreo! 

Download the Oreo Do It Together App here now on iTunes! It's FREE!


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