Thursday, June 5, 2014

Eggs 101 by Maggi Magic Sarap! (Part 1)

kitchen doors

        Right behind these walls is an amazing kitchen that taught me of what I though was a simple task but can actually be quite tricky. Tricky especially for someone like me who could could only cook potential accidents in a kitchen, and not food haha!

julius maggi kitchen

        Inside those doors is a pretty spacious kitchen called Julius Maggi Kitchen located at the Nestle Building in Rockwell. I honestly thought we were going to watch a cooking demo by Maggi. Little did I know...

maggi cook dali

....that we, the bloggers, weren't there to be spectators. We were there to cook as well! RED ALERT! Now I'm in trouble! The only recipes I really know by heart is frying eggs and canned goods. And tinola and arroz caldo that I haven't cooked in a while hahaha! But I had to thank my lucky stars because we were told that we were going to cook just eggs! Yay! 

kitchen classroom rockwell

        It's the Maggi Cook Dali seminar where we get to make simple but delicious dishes, made even more tasty by Maggi Magic Sarap! And not only will it make your dishes tasty, but by substituting Maggi Magic Sarap with salt, it actually helps lessen our consumption of salt. We all know how salt retains water when tnot taken in moderation. This leads to weight gain and even increased blood pressure. And so, in a way, Maggi Magic Sarap is actually a good nutritious buddy in the kitchen.

filipino food

        Maggi Magic Sarap really brings out the flavors of the dishes we love. It's like enhancing the vibrancy of a dull photo. (That's the best way I could put it.) It's very helpful especially for someone like me who doesn't know how to cook ( and honestly doesn't really have the drive to really learn haha! Don't judge me!)


        At first I was worried that we were just going to cook simple sunny side ups or scrambled eggs. But then I saw these ingredients. I got intimidated again haha! 

Chef Eric Magtanong

        ...But Chef Eric Magtanong, our chef for the day, reassured us that it was going to be easy peasy!

maggi chef
Nervous laughter hehehe
        I also felt a lot better being team mates with The Soshal Network's Vivian Tan, because like me, she's also culinarily challenged haha! 

maggi students

        But since the teams were uneven, and there had to be three members per table, Trixie, who invited us to this event ( and who cooks, by the way) finally gave in to our pleading eyes and joined our team haha! YES!

heart egg smiley egg

        So first, Chef asked us to cook eggs as to how we usually cook them at home, and using salt. So behold! This is our teamwork  masterpiece haha! Both fried and scrambled. I must say the heart eggs added a lovely touch hahaha!

chef eric magtanong

        So without further adieu, Chef Eric cooked us some scrambled eggs and fried eggs but this time using Magi Magic Sarap. It wasn't just a simple frying task though. He told us some trivia and tips about eggs. (Hence, me calling this post Egg 101 haha!)

You might think this is pretty elementary, but I found it to be helpful. 

How to know if egg is fresh?:
  • No odor AT ALL
  • when you crack it open, you'll see that white thread-like thingy
  • the yolk is in tact

....and most importantly, above all else, check the expiration date. That's your black and white proof that it's not about to spoil. He also recommends buying from the supermarket rather than the wet market because the ones from the wet market don't have any expiration date indicated on the carton. Makes sense.

sunny side up

        He also taught us the different ways of cooking eggs. The photo above would be over easy sunny side ups. The yolk is still soft and wet and the white is cooked but not really toasty fried. 

fried egg

        I learned that when they say "fried egg",  the yolk should still be wet, but a bit toasted and brown on the edges of the white part. Seasoned with Maggi Magic Sarap, you can pair it with garlic rice and find that you might not need any viands at all.

scrambled eggs

        Scrambled eggs ala Maggi Magic Sarap! Keep mixing and scooping the egg from under in low flame until cooked to get that fluffy texture! Serve with bread and sprinkle with spring onions for that added color. A simple to-go breakfast food that everyone will surely love! I know I would. Then he made us taste our egg with salt, and the eggs with Maggi Magic Sarap, and you can really taste the difference.

egg with maggi magic sarap

        I've never had so much fun cooking delicious and nutritious eggs. We actually learned 3 more egg recipes that I will share with you soon like types of nutritious omelet and a super yummy and nutritious egg salad! 

        Thank you so much Trixie for inviting me and of course to Maggi to having us at the Maggi Cook Dali seminar! Now I can say my egg cooking skills leveled up, and have become more nutritious too! Did I say that already?

To learn more about the Maggi Cook Dali seminar, follow the hashtag #MaggiCookDali
Follow Maggi on Twitter at @MaggiPhil and like them on Facebook: Maggi Philippines


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