Saturday, June 7, 2014

Eggs 101 by Maggi Magic Sarap! (Part 3): FRITATA


        Got some leftover meat but you don't know what to do with it? There's a way you can make it into a new easy dish that can serve a lot. And that's by way of a Fritata! During our MAGGI Cook Dali seminar, Chef Eric taught us some simple egg dishes that even someone like me can pull off at home haha! First was the egg salad, next was this festive Fritata using MAGGI Magic Sarap!

        The nice thing about making a fritata is that the ingredients can vary. You can use leftover ham, bacon, beef, pork, fish, what have you.Just make sure you don't use meat and seafood at the same time. Anyway what we really needed to observe with this dish was the method.

fritata ingredients

In this case, Chef Eric used the following ingredients:
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • shredded tinapa (preserved smoked fish)
  • roasted egg plant
  • chopped salted egg (OH YEAH!!!) So very pinoy!
  • eggs (we used one dozen during the seminar)

sautee garlic

        Start with cold pan (cold start). Add garlic and onion in the pan. After that, that's when you can raise the flames. This way, the flavors of the garlic will come out slowly but perfectly. Not to mention, it won't burn as quickly.

        Start beating the eggs while doing the rest of the procedure. Don't forget to add MAGGI Magic Sarap! (Tip: One dozen eggs is equal to one pack of mg Magic Sarap)


        Back to the pan, add diced onions. (Trivia: White onions are better because the red ones, when cooked, loses it's flavor. But when it comes to dishes that require raw onions like salads, etc., red is better)

Add diced tomato

Add your meat / fish (or in this case, the shredded tinapa)

Add a bit of oil . (Another tip I picked up at the seminar was to use a squeeze bottle for your cooking oil. It's less messy and quicker to squirt out on the pan. Not to mention easier to control the amount you need. It's like one of those life hacks. I'm buying a squeeze bottle tomorrow at the crack of dawn. 

Add the roasted egg plant (again, it can be any other veggies)

Add diced salted egg

cooking fritata

        Now, pour eggs on the pan and mix. When it's about 70%  cooked, let it settle. Make sure you lower the flames so it won't burn.


        Now we need to make sure we thoroughly cook the top side of the egg, right? So once the eggs are more solid, get a plate bigger than the pan. (Now listen because this part's tricky! And because I didn't get to take a picture of this part haha!) Cover the pan with the plate, and then FLIP, and remove the pan, leaving the egg on the plate. Put the pan back on the stove, add a bit of oil on the pan, then slide the fritata back into the pan. Just leave it for a little while just to kind of sear it. Then it's done!

eggplant fritata

        But don't serve it right away! Let it settle for around 10 minutes so that the inside will self-cook itself using the heat. If you serve it right away it might just be too runny inside. Am I still making sense so far? I hope I'm explaining it clearly hahaha! If you have questions.... ask Chef Eric. Hahahah! I kid!


Serving suggestion: slice them like pie!

        So as you can see it's also very easy. It's just the flipping part that can be a bit tricky. But it's a great egg dish to make something delicious out of leftovers! Doesn't even need to be leftovers! 

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