Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eggs 101 by Maggi Magic Sarap! (Part 3): OMELETTE

american omelette

        I never knew there were different kinds of omelette until I attended the MAGGI Cook Dali seminar some few days ago. And Chef Eric showed us how to make a French omelette and an American omelette. But I'm going to cut to the chase and reveal that they're actually the same, except for the fold. Here's how!

omelette ingredients

So here's a quick and easy recipe you can follow to make a simple yet tasty omelette for your family! 

What you'll need:
  • Eggs
  • Oil
  • Chopped garlic
  • Pepper if desired

And other ingredients to your liking. But what we used were:
  • diced tomatoes
  • green bell peppers
  • mushrooms
  • grated cheese

First, beat the eggs thoroughly then set aside.

So first you sautee the garlic

The once the garlic's good aroma starts to fill the room, (and before the garlic burns), you can start adding the other ingredients (except the cheese).

Sprinkle with Magic Sarap

Add pepper if desired.

Once the meat looks cooked enough, Remove all contents in a separate plate and set aside

Using the same pan,  pour the eggs and don't stop stirring and scooping the eggs with a spatula. 

Once the eggs are around 70% cooked, let it settle so it starts forming. 

        For an American omelette,  sprinkle grated cheese on one side of the egg (right side if you're right handed. Left side if you're a leftie) The reason being is that the weight of the egg has to be heavier from where you will be flipping it close. And then pour the sauteed stuff on top of the grated cheese.

american omelette

        Tricky part!: Lift the pan with your one hand (right if you're right handed, left if your left handed), and hold the plate on your other hand, and start sliding it the omelette onto the plate but only halfway. Once the egg is halfway on the plate, make a quick flip movement with the pan to close it.

And tadaaaa! American omelette!

french omelette

        For French omelette, same procedure with the cooking. But this time, place the stuffing in the middle part of the egg in a vertical line (like drawing a vertical line in the middle of the egg using the sauteed stuffing). Again, slide the egg a bit more than halfway, and then flip. And then just use your spatula to flip the other side over.

omelette fail

        I'm ashamed to show you my version of American omelette. Because I mistakenly added too much stuffing. I guess I thought I was still making a fritata hahaha! So the folded part gave, with the filling oozing out. But is it okay that I still think it looks delicious? Moist and chunky on the inside! Maybe I should call it omelette ala Rina!

chef eric magtanong

        Anyway this is my final egg recipe that I learned from the MAGGI Cook Dali seminar! Thanks Chef Eric Magtanong for imparting your wisdom with us! I sure had fun!

maggi cook dali

        And thank you to Liza for being my cooking partner to the rescue when my team mate needed to leave earlier hehehe :-)

maggi spatula

And THANK YOU of course to MAGGI for holding this seminar and for having us! And for this cool MAGGI spatula!

maggi gift pack

And my new teflon pan and a stash of MAGGI Magic Sarap! Because of you our eggs will never be the same!

maggi cook dali

Wish me luck in my future cooking adventures!

To learn more about the Maggi Cook Dali seminar, follow the hashtag #MaggiCookDali
Follow Maggi on Twitter at @MaggiPhil and like them on Facebook: Maggi Philippines


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