Monday, June 30, 2014

Marie France Introduces i.Lipo in the Philippines!

        A few years ago when I was still working for the corporate world, I walked a lot. I walked to and from work from C. Palanca Street to Paseo De Roxas everyday. That's why no matter how much I ate I didn't gain as much. Also during those days I was on the zone. Everyday as soon as I got home, I would immediately change to my sweats and put on Shaun-T's Hip Hop Abs on the dvd player. I would look forward to that everyday.

        Then a year or so later, I started working from home, and then soon after, my little Rainbow was born, and the pounds were born as well hahaha! Truth is it's hard to get myself to exercise especially now that I'm taking care of my 2 year old (and not to mention attending food events for ThePickiestEater.Net ). Getting back into shape is easier said than done. But I am claiming it... I will start working on it and hopefully get myself back in the zone sooner or later even though it may seem that the chances of me slimming down to this size again is close to impossible (but here's hoping!) 

marie france eastwood
        But in the meantime, but it's nice to know that there's a quick and painless way to IMMEDIATELY shrink down to at least 4 inches size smaller in just a few minutes with just ONE NON-INVASIVE SESSION! Marie France introduces i.Lipo!!!

DJ Delamar Marie France

        i.Lipo is a breakthrough in laser lipolysis and the first of its kind here in the Philippines. Here's DJ Delamar of RX 93.1 and the new endorser of Marie France, during our lunch, reassuring us that the i.Lipo doesn't hurt. I guess we were all pretty nervous haha! 

DJ Delamar

Look at her now! She looks really good! Glowing too!

        Anyway, to explain i.Lipo in a simpler way, (or at least in the way I understood it), allow me to change some terms....

stored triglycerides = bad guys / stubborn fats 
fatty acids and glycerol = good guys / obedient fats

        And this is how I understand it. You know that layer of stubborn inner fat that just doesn't melt away even if you kill yourself from exercising? That's what it targets. Using low-level laser energy, it targets and transforms fat cells and breaks down those bad guys and transforms them into good guys. Those bad guys turned into good guys are then transported to tissues, packed and ready to be burned as soon as your body needs energy for when you walk, exercise, lift heavy stuff, etc. Thereby, it promotes metabolism! As soon as the good guys are used, they are eliminated through the body's natural process.

        So you see, you don't need to go under the knife to quickly loose those excess fats. It's perfect for soon-to-be-brides that gained some inches in the waist line before the big day, or for a quick trimming down before you show off your new bikini at the beach, and plain and simply for people who want to lose weight without being cut open.

        That being said, i.Lipo is very safe. First of all, it is US FDA-Approved. Second, iLipo only focuses on areas that you want to target. It won't harm your skin, nerves, or vessels. And it doesn't matter if you have dry or sensitive skin. Those things will not matter. Just sit back, relax, let the nice lady strap on the electronic pads on your problem areas for a certain number of minutes. You can even nap while waiting! The length of the session depends of course per person. But usually it's around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

        Thanks to Marie France for letting us try a session of this i.Lipo! I'm sure you won't mind not seeing full shot photos of my chubby body hehehe. Now that I think about it, I should have taken before and after shots. I was just too shy! But you'll see my results in a bit...

body mass index measurer

        First of course, you will be assigned to a consultant to discuss the treatment, and which problem areas you want targeted, etc. Then they will measure your body mass index and some other stuff using this high measurer. Just step on the thing and hold on the bars and it will print out all the details. Marie France will of course keep a copy of your results for filing.

marie france clinic

        Then you will proceed to your room where the i.Lipo machine, a bed, and your outfit-of-the-session are all waiting for you.

i.Lipo outfit

  Pretty pink robes, slippers, spaghetti strap top and bootleg white cotton shorts that says "Sexier You!"

Look! R for Rina? Cool! I'm all dressed-up and ready to have my tummy measured!

laser protective shades

They will make you wear these safety shades to make sure your eyes are safe from the laser. 

i.Lipo pads

Treatment pads all set!

i.Lipo treatment

        Here we go! See the red stuff eminating from my tummy? That's the wonder laser! The lady gave me 10 minutes each for the left and right sides of my tummy / waist. It wasn't painful at all especially this first step. You'll just feel a slight heat from the pads because of the lasers I guess, but that's it. 

suction i.Lipo

        For the second part, they used this suction with rollers for another 10 minutes. To give you a better picture, it's like you're running a very strong vacuum nozzle through your problem areas, as if it's sucking out all the fat. But that's really pretty much what it's doing. It's sucking out the bad guys from the inner layer, and transferring it to your tissues to be stored and be easily burned later on as energy. Like what I explained earlier. It's not really painful but it's quite weird for me. Because it was my first time to know how it feels like to have my tummy sucked up by a strong vacuum hehehe. Just tell the lady if you feel the force of the suction is too strong and she can adjust it for you. Again, the length of this process depends per person, per fat in the target area.

i.Lipo before and after measurements

        And here it is. My results as promised. With i.Lipo, one can lose from 2cm up to 4cm fat loss in one's problem area, in just one single session. (Thighs, arms, or waist). See the comparison of my tummy measurements above. Pretty good right? Just don't ask me how much because it will again depend on the person and the target areas.

        Now it's up to you of course to maintain your new shape as soon as you come out of the clinic. Try to eat the right food, try to get some exercise so you can keep those inches off forever!

Marie France Branches:

15/F GT Tower, Ayala Ave. cor. H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

7/F Citibank-Frabelle Bldg., Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City

Tomas Morato
3/F CKB Center, Tomas Morato cor. Scout Rallos St., Quezon City

36/F Robinsons Equitable Tower ADB Avenue cor. Poveda St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City

E. Rodriguez Jr. (C5)
30/F MDC 100 Building, Eastwood, Bagumbayan, Quezon City

G/F Joroma Bldg., Congressional Avenue Ext., Quezon City

Unit O-1 City Plaza Tower, Plaza del Conde St., Binondo, Manila

3/F Dan’s Marketing Building, McArthur Highway, San Fernando, Pampanga

2/F Keppel Centre, Samar Loop Cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City

For more information in i.Lipo or other services of Marie France, call their hotline at 894-2639 for a free consultation. Follow Marie France on Facebook, check out their official website at


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