Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Relax Your Senses with Hello 5 Vietnamese Coffee

hello5 deluxe coffee

        Nothing relaxes me like being on the beach, or my own bed, and of course, a cup of aromatic coffee. In fact, a meal isn't complete without my coffee afterwards. One time halfway through my breakfast, I suddenly remembered that we were out of coffee. It felt like the end of the world! Anyways, most of the time when I'm at home, I'm already happy with 3-in-1 coffee mixes because it's so convenient. But a few days ago I was able to a good premium coffee from Bennett and Palmer, in which was so good that I didn't mind manually making myself!

        Hello5 Coffee is a premium ground coffee imported from Vietnam. It really does have a good aroma and its smooth in taste that sort of relaxes your senses. I guess this is why I really liked it because it's not too strong.

Flavors and Fen Shui Signs

        Another interesting fact about Hello5 coffee is how it embraces Feng Shui philosophy. Each flavor has different colors representing the 5 Chinese elements which are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. And these flavors have good matches with those born under these Chinese signs. 

hello5 deluxe coffee

        The flavor I got to try was the Deluxe. It's grown 1500ft above sea level of Buon Ma Thuot in Dak Lak Province of Vietnam's Central Highlands. It's a blend of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans. This suits people under the Fire sign. These people are born leaders, confident, dynamic, and have strong passions. Okay, so none of those are my character (I am so not a born leader) but I liked it nonetheless!

hello5 original coffee

        The Original flavor is darkly roasted, bringing bold flavors, with a good balance of bitterness and strong aroma, dark in color, and has high caffeine content. This is best for those born under the Metal Sign who are tenacious, independent, strong and determined. 

hello5 mondo coffee

        The Mondo flavor is the next flavor I want to try. Everything under the descripton sounds good to me. It's rich and smooth, blended from 2 kinds of high-grade Vietnam mocha beans. (Mmmmmm! Mocha!) Ideal for breakfast for a great start of the day. Not only do I like the flavor description, but the Mondo flavor is recommended for people born under the water sign (That's me!!!!) People under the Water sign are said to be creative, charming, sensitive, and intelligent. (Not sure about the last part though hahaha!)

hello5 organic coffee

        The Organic flavor is grown in the rich red soil of the basaltic region of Vietnam's Central High Lands. It is a great blend of Arabica and Culi Buon Me Thuot Coffee that are picked during the exact height of their perfection. This one has a rich sweet chocolatey aroma (Mmmmm chocolate! Me likey!) which is probably why this flavor is one of  their best sellers! This is matched with people born under the Wood sign. Those people are the loyal, generous, patient and compassionate ones. 

hello5 regular coffee

        The Regular flavor are dark roasted Culi Arabica that are suited to the traditional Vietnamese way of making coffee using a metal filter called a phin. This results to a strong yet very smooth Vietnamese coffee. This is also good to mix with milk, sugar, or condensed milk. It is best for people born under the Earth sign. These people are patient, rational, logical, and dependable. 

How to Prepare

hello5 coffee filter chamber

        Preparing is very easy. Thanks to the metal coffee filter chamber that comes with the gift pack! Just put the filter on top. So far, the filter fits all of my cups at home.

hello5 coffee filter chamber

        Put 20 grams of Hello5 coffee into the filter chamber (I don't have a measuring tool but I personally put 2 teaspoons of the coffee hehe)

hello5 coffee filter chamber

        Place the filter cover into the chamber on top of the coffee and then rotate it to level the grounds. Then fill the chamber with 10ml of hot water. Allow it to soak for 20 seconds. Then proceed and add another 60ml hot water.

hello5 coffee filter chamber

        Then just wait as the water passes through the filter, and be transformed into a relaxing and aromatic premium Vietnamese cup of coffee!

hello5 Vietnamese coffee

        My friend Yedy from Yedylicious blog told me to use condensed milk as my sweetener. And it's good! I  usually don't like black coffee but somehow I like the taste of this one that's why even if I just add a bit of condensed milk, it tastes good!

hello5 coffee gift set

        You can get this gift set for only P500. It contains 250 grams of Hi5 Coffee and a filter chamber. It's the perfect gift for coffee lovers. If you want to buy just the coffee alone, it's P350 for 250 grams and can be purchased online at http://www.bennettandpalmer.com/

 Check out the international products that you can get from Bennett and Palmer! Like them on Facebook


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