Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Belly Blessed 2014 this July 11 to 13!

        Calling all bellies with life growing inside you! It's that time of the year again for Belly Blessed! Belly Blessed is a 3-day fest where expectant moms, no matter how far along you are, can source essential maternal stuff you will be needing during pregnancy, and of course baby stuff your baby will be needing as soon as you welcome him/her into this world! This will be held at July 11 to 13, 2014 at the 2nd and 3rd Level Atrium of The Podium Mall in Mandaluyong City.

Shameless plug: BUG AND KELLY WILL BE THERE!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! :-) PLEASE DROP BY!!! ;-)

Preggy Belly Dancing from last year's Belly Blessed

        But it's not just a bazaar. It's also a place where a number of inspiring and helpful talks will be held that will give you tips and help you throughout your journey as a mother-to-be, and of course, as a mother, period. Like last year, there was a fun belly dancing activity for the attendees! They were each handed pretty dancing hip scarves hehehe.

        For this year's Belly Blessed, during the weekend program, you can expect to to experience a mom and baby Samba session with Denise Gonzales, learn a great deal from the talk about childbirth, healthy pregnancy, safe sleep, newborn care and many more!

        The event is open to all, but if you're an expectant mom, it's best to pre-register so you can get Belly Blessed Fest goodies! So register now by simply calling or texting your name and the number of weeks that you are pregnant  at 09176272425. Limited pre-registration goodies only!

        This will be the 3rd Belly Blessed event presented by Mommy Mundo, the Manila's go-to resource portal for active, modern moms.

        This year's Belly Blessed is co-presented by PACE, Mommy Matters, Nurture Nook, Cordlife, and Caltrate Plus. This event is supported by Johnson & Johnsons, Mama Chow’s, Picture Company, St. Patrick, and Mommy Treats.

Enjoy the following shops and booths during the Belly Blessed Festival 2014!:

Shop Mommy Matters
Tiny Tots
My Baby Dragon
Bug & Kelly Kids Wear
Urban Essentials
Baby Zone
Belly Armor
R. Trevi Concept
Teething Beads and Tots of Love
St. Patrick and Numa Baby
Johnson's Baby
Cordlife Philippines
Halo Philippines
Hfab Moisturizing Oil
Born Baby Stuff
Snug a Hug

Nurture Nook
02 Princess and The Pea
Ant's Pocket
Frankikay's Closet
Baby Wailers
Babinski Baby Fun
Polly Dots
Picture Company
Sand Puff
Indigo Baby
Pink Bubbles
Starkids Lactation Goodies from Mama Chow's

        For more info visit and follow Mommy Mundo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates!


  1. Oh I really wish I could go but I am on bedrest due to preterm contractions and cervical funneling :( Kisses to cutie rain!

    1. Hi Mae! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope things will get better and easier for you and the baby!:) you rest and then make your hubby go to the bazaar and shop for you!;) hehehe

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  4. Waaaaa. I'm too late for this! I'm too fond of going to Baby Fair and Momzilla Fair. Recently, I've been attending a seminar about What to Eat during Pregnancy. By the way, anyone here knows similar events like this?


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