Thursday, July 10, 2014

Food, Drinks, and Live Music at Jet 7 Bistro!

Jet 7 Bistro

        I seriously doubt I can count the number of restaurants in Quezon City. It's like everywhere you look, a restaurant is there. Which makes it quite a challenge to decide on where to eat when you're in this area. Seriously. The choices are overwhelming! But just the other night I was introduced to this red hip bistro along Timog Avenue. It's Jet 7 Bistro. A place of good drinks, good food, and good music!


The interiors are of a classy red and black bistro 

Jet 7 Bar

They've got a bar on the back corner

al fresco

And an al fresco area by the entrance

live music

This is where the band plays

Mr. Luigi Nunez

        Jet 7 Bistro also introduced their Brand Ambassador that evening, Mr. Luigi Nunez, who also happens to be the CEO of Beer Below Zero. He admits that he keeps coming back to Jet 7 Bistro particularly for the French Cut Rib Eye Steak, saying it's the best steak he's had so far.

Art and Soul Band

        Two bands were serenading everyone that evening and they played beautiful soul songs that I'm familiar with. So I was really enjoying myself.

girl band

        I don't usually miss going out at night since I became a mom who would just rather sleep the night away but it's places like this that reminded me of how fun ladies night outs can be. Especially when there's good music playing in the background. I was 'thisclose' to grabbing the mic away from the lead vocal hahaha! As if...


        Aaaaanyway, that evening, food bloggers and media people gathered to experience what Jet 7 Bistro has to offer. And  I can safely say everyone looked like they had a great time. We started with a spoon of Ceviche. Not in the menu, but I liked the mixture of freshness of the vegetables and mangoes, and there was heat somewhere in there.


        And then came the bread rolls which are made fresh and baked everyday. I really loved this. The bread is really good. Very soft and tasty, and then spread some butter and dip it in olive oil. Heaven!!! Richie would have loved adding the roasted garlic if he was there. I'm not really a fan of roasted garlic. (I'm weird like that)

chicken and bbq

        Next up was the Herb Roasted Chicken (P395) and BBQ Beef Ribs (P800) which if I'm not mistaken are really two different entrees combined together in sampler plate for the night. Both meat were moist and very flavorful. Though I personally like the herby taste of the chicken better. Richie for sure would have preferred the sweet BBQ Beef Ribs, as expected hehe. 

french steak

        And then the star of the noche buena feast arrived. Say hello to Jet 7 Bistro's prie and joy... the French Cut Rib Eye (P3,800). Yes it's pricey. But you can't really expect it to be cheap especially when it's a 28 ox. USDA Angus steak It;'s probably good for sharing between 3 friends, or 2 hungry people. It's seasoned just right and made me want to look for garlic rice haha! You can specify how you want your steak done and the chefs will gladly do it for you. Served with au jus sauce.

french steak

I think that deserves another close up!

        I heard another one of their specialties is the Dungeness Crab but I didn't get to try it yet. Anyway, last but not the least, the dessert...

strawberry sabayon

The  Strawberry Sabayon was the dessert they served us that evening. (Not on the menu)

chef jet 7 bistro

        Chef Chris and Chef Bobby are the brains and the captain of the kitchen of Jet 7 Bistro. They both spent time in the states, and amusingly, both started from the bottom (as dish washers) and worked their way to the top. Inspiring! 

        They actually have a pretty extensive menu. From breakfast, to steaks to pastas to salads to sandwiches, burgers, and even a kid's menu. For sure there's something for every palette. (See the menu at the end of this post). Jet 7 Bistro was actually the official  food sponsor / caterer at the VIP section of the FHM 100 Sexiest Women of the World 2014 that's happening as I type this blog post.

bistro with friends

        So if ever you're in Quezon City and just want to unwind, with good food and wine and bop your head along with good live music, try Jet 7 Bistro located at the G/F President Tower, 81 Timog Ave. cor. Sct. Ybardolaza St. South Triangle, Quezon City (And soon in BGC!)

For more information or for reservations, call (02) 416-6707
Official Website:
Facebook: Jet 7 Bistro

Photo supplied by Faye! Thanks Faye! :-)
Jet 7 Bistro Menu:

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu

jet 7 bistro menu


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