Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oilily Now in Megamall! 20% Off Until End of August!

oilily megamall

        Reading up on Oilily, I found out that it goes back in the year 1963 in Netherlands when children were often dressed up in grey, white, or black clothes only. I guess you could say that they didn't live in 'technicolor' times. Enter Willem and Marieke Olsthoorn, and all of that changed. They started using children's colorful experiences as their inspiration for a brand that makes beautiful children's clothes.

oilily skirt

        I was thrilled to see that one of my Little Rainbow's hand-me-down skirts (which I knew was from Germany) was actually an Oilily brand. I should have known based on the colors, patterns, and the wild combination!

        Anyway, I was also impressed to find out that celebrities were among their regular customers namely John Travolta, Madonna, Bill Cosby, and my idol Michael Jackson!  So anyway, long story short, they eventually also started creating a line for women (wherein I also learned that Oilily’s Famous ambassadors of  women’s clothing are actresses Julia Roberts and Melanie Griffith!), and then eventually they also started doing cosmetics and perfume!

oilily megamall

It was my first time to visit an Oilily store when I was invited along with other bloggers to view their new branch at SM Megamall, Ground floor, Building A. And although I was a tad sad that Oilily Philippines were not selling the clothes part, it was still a delight to see the happy and colorful patterns that Oilily takes pride in! It's really something a female would be attracted to! You'll see what I mean with these parade of Oilily bags!....

        Different bag sets with pretty patterns! Remember that Oilily never repeats it's pattern per season. Never ever. So if you see a certain print or pattern that you just absolutely adore in this season's collection, really think about getting it because you won't see it ever again!

Attractive duffle bags! A nice conversational piece at slumber parties! Hehehe 

And here's one of my favorites. I love how the pattern has lots of details but looks very clean at the same time.

Looking for an attractive diaper bag? Check these out! The green one comes with a changing mat too!

Amazing patterns and details on these bags!

I believe these items are on 20% off until the end of August!

I can imagine taking these on a family trip like the beach, or a picnic.

Oh and check this out! The small flat rectangular bag on the left, unfolds into a huge almost-duffel bag tote bag!

And let's not forget the tablet / netbook bags!

        And here are other items you can find on Oilily Megamall branch. You can find pouches, umbrellas, and tablet and cellphone casings. (Am really eyeing those casings!)

And as I mentioned earlier, Oilily Philippines also have the perfumes and cosmetics!

toddlers hug

Rain and her new friend Lizzy loved touring the shop! Next problem, what Oilily bag to buy hahaha! 

        Oilily also has branches in ATC and Greenbelt 3. To get updates and to find out more about Oilily Philippines, like them on Facebook (OililyPh), and check out Oilily's official website here. Don't forget to take advantage of Olily's 20% off on selected items! Only until end of August. Don't say I didn't warn ya! ;-)


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