Saturday, August 2, 2014

Play-Doh Playground at Toy Kingdom, Megamall

playdoh playground

        It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I was walking around Megamall Building A when I noticed a separate room inside Toy Kingdom with 4 kiddie round tables and kids having a great time creating something. I looked closely and saw that they were playing with Play-Doh. A Play-Doh room?! How come I never knew this before? My little Rainbow will love this for sure! So when the time came that I had an event in Megamall, I took Rain and her yaya with me. But this time instead of playing and waiting for me at Active Fun, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try the Play-Doh Playground!

playdoh playground

        Turns out that during weekends, they have fun activities for the kids. A Free demo from 2-6PM, and a meet-and-greet with fun mascots Mr. Play-Doh Tub and Mr. Potato Head! But since it was a weekday that day, it was just going to be free play day. Fine by me, and perfect for Rain who has a short attention span anyways.

playdoh playground

        In each table are different kinds of Play-Doh apparatus that kids can freely play with. Though I noticed that most of it had some missing parts. So aside from the obvious molds,  it was quite hard to figure out how to really play with them. 

playdoh playground

        Another bummer...The friendly Play-Doh attendants would bring out around 4 small tubs of Play-Doh for each kid to play, but if you open the tubs, they're all just one color. BROWN. Not the prettiest Play-Doh color haha! But I totally understand because I know how kids mix up the Play-Doh colors, resulting to dark green or brown anyways. Nevertheless, a kid as young as my little Rainbow won't really mind as long as there's Play-Doh.

playdoh playground

        Plus side? It's FREE ADMISSION! Just go in there, sit down with your kid and play! Definitely a lot cheaper than taking Rain to Active Fun. And your little one can still meet and socialize with other kids!

Play-Doh Playground

        This photo was taken the previous weekend when I was at Megamall for another event. As you can see the place is packed because of the free demo. I wasn't able to take a photo of the actual demo because my event had already started.

mr. playdoh

And here's Rain and her Yaya's photo with Mr. Play-Doh Tub!

Mr. Potato Head

And the hubby Mr. Pickiest Eater also couldn't resist taking a photo with Mr. Potato Head. He loves potatoes. Run Mr. Potato Head!!! Hehehehe :-)

        The Play-Doh Playground is a great place where you can leave your child with the yaya for just an hour or so. But if you need to leave them for longer hours, it's still better to leave them a play places such as Gymboree or Active Fun for added security and for more kiddie attractions.

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UPDATE!: Turns out this was actually just a promotional phase. From time to time, Toy Kingdom changes the free play into different toys like BoomCo.,  Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse, etc. So keep checking with Toy Kingdom Megamall what their latest free play is! :-)


  1. The place used to hold the lego play area. Nonetheless, it's free, and kids can socialize as well :)

    1. Hi Joanne! Hahaha I'm so clueless I never knew that as well! :'-) But yeah nevertheless it's an excellent idea for them to make space where children can come and play freely :-) Kudos, Toy Kingdom! :-)

  2. Wow! My daughter will love this! She's an addict when it comes in clay toys, she loves to build and destroy hahaha! We bought her Play Doh at (, a year ago for her 8th birthday. Guess what, she misplaced it all after three days. Hahaha! I’m planning to go to Toy Kingdom this coming Sunday with her after our mass at Galleria.