Thursday, August 28, 2014

Play Place in Podium Mall: Kidzville Play and Party Center

kidzville podium

        I'm in a phase right now where I'm constantly looking for nice play places in malls where Rain can play go all out and play. I thought there would be one in each mall or commercial center. But surprisingly, sometimes there's none. I tried googling but very little results came out. Like this one time I needed to attend to something at Greenhills and I wanted to bring my little Rainbow, but to my surprise they only had Mini Fun Ranch which is basically a mini carnival (with small ferris wheels, and I think 2 other rides). But what I needed is a cool playground where Rain can slide and run and tumble but not get hurt.

So anyway because of this I promised to write about all the play places that we usually go to, for future toddler moms use ;-)

Today, I'm writing about Kidzville Play and Party Center in Podium!

kidzville podium

        I remember it was the day of Man Eats World (a food event) in Podium. I took my little Rainbow. But after a while of course she started getting bored. Thankfully, there's a play place on the 4th level of Podium Mall. So we went there and I checked her in. From the outside you can already tell this was an awesome place for toddlers, and moms too!

mini village

Take a peek and you'll see that it looks like a mini village for little people. Actually the whole place looks like a mini town.

post office

The registration area was designed as a post office. This is where you fill out forms when checking your child in.

kiddie bank

The Cashier is set up as a bank called The Piggy Bank. 


The locker area looks like a shoe shop. This is one of the biggest locker areas I've seen in a play place. In fact, most play places don't even have a locker area.

kidzville map

The place is quite big so they felt the need to put a map complete with map legend.

kidzville rates

I wasn't sure what time I was going to finish with the event downstairs so I registered Rain and her yaya for the unlimited one.

play place
Rain with her ex-yaya

As you may know, kids and their guardians need to wear socks while inside the play place. Don't have one? You can buy from them for P30 a pair.

This reminds me of Batibot hehe

So anyway, in they go into the mini town! It's got a hospital,

red phone booth

Superman's phone booth

school bus

A school bus


A farm... I even remember there's a mini "internet place".

toy car

There's also a mini room with costumes and hats... like this zebra little Rain is wearing... 

toy car

and this giraffe hat

toy car

and this wolf hat

toy car

and this other hat. You get the point.

foam blocks

There are foam blocks everywhere that kids can stack and build with

play maze

And on the other side, the Play Maze!

play maze

It's got obstacles, mazes, and lots of plastic balls







        And the coolest part of all? These three super huge slides!!! (Yep, she totally went down the slide alone. She's my little daredevil!)

And remember I mentioned earlier that this place is also a nice place for moms? Well....

nail spa

Why wouldn't it be when it's got dainty a nail spa by the entrance?!

girly shop

There's also a shop for all things girly!

kidzville party package

These are the party packages and playshop activities available in Kidzville Podium

        Rain had so much fun playing that this was actually the first time that she refused to come to me as soon as she saw me. Hehehehe. That's why I'll never forget that day she played here. This is actually a long-overdue post. As you can see, Rain is so much younger here). Anyway I really like Kidzville because there's so much play things here for kids! From blocks to slides, to pretend-play. I'm 101% sure your kids will have a blast!

        The downside? That Kidzville jingle playing surround sound over and over and over and over and over and over.......

For more updates, follow them on Facebook: KidzvillePlayAndPartyCenter


  1. I think there is a play place in greenhills called Kid's Workshop. I haven't tried it yet, but they sent me an invite to try the place by September :)

    1. Joanne, me too!!!! ;-) can't wait to check it out!!!:-)

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  4. This place and their event management team is really a hidden gem! Came here for an affinity group get-together and had a great time. The environment is cozy and good for having conversations.

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  6. my nieces are aged 9 and 7 … what would be a good place for them?

  7. Hi Romina! For bigger kids, my suggestions a lot more expensive, but hands down, i would say KIDZANIA!:).

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