Friday, August 22, 2014

SafeHouse Storage: Storage Spaces for Rent

new home

        Rookie mistake: Don't get me wrong. I love our house. I think it's nice! But word of advice...When looking for a house to rent or to buy, don't get carried right away with the interiors and the fact that it's fully furnished (yes we got it fully furnished! Everything you see in the picture! hehehe). 

        Where was I? Oh, yes... as I was saying... don't let those things distract you. Because then, like me, you might end up overlooking some factors that I didn't really think was necessary until now....

Our house doesn't have a STORAGE ROOM!!! *^$(#*^)#&^%#)


        And then of course, once you start to have a baby, no matter how big your house may look like, it will get filled very very quickly. Things will just keep pilling up and pilling up. I wanted to keep the boxes of Rain's toys so that when she's too old to play with some of them, I can sell them for a much lower price. But guess what? No storage to store all those boxes and old toys :-( 

Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments? It's packed in our garage. 

Old magazines? Stacked in one of the rooms. 

Baby chair that Rain hardly uses? In the corner of the dining room collecting dust. 

You get the picture.

storage space for rent

        And so ever since, I've been thinking... that if only I had the money, I would put up a storage-room-for-rent business. Like the ones in that show Storage Wars. If only. Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that someone already beat me to it. The good news is, someone already beat me to it! This means there is finally a storage space I can rent here in Manila to put all of the not-so-junk stuff lying around the house! Yay!!! It's been founded in 2010 and yet I'm only hearing about this now. Where have I been? Tsk tsk...

storage space for rent

        Say hello to SafeHouse Storage! The first self-storage facility in the Philippines! They already have two branches. One in Taguig and another in Quezon City. And it's quite amazing that since its beginning, the number of units has grown by 3000%.  

storage space for rent

        Safehouse Storage have different unit sizes with roll-up doors.  A smallest storage unit can fit the equivalent of 8 balikbayan boxes, while the largest unit can fit 110 balikbayan boxes. Rentals start from as low as Php 2,000/month. (I thought this sounded expensive at first. But I heard that it's much more expensive in the states. My niece's 5x5 storage room is $75 a month. That's roughly P3,300) Anyway, I think it's worth it to help clear up the house and not make it look like a hoarder's house in the making). And what sets them apart from other storage places in the states is that they can also give end-to-end services that include packing and moving for a more convenient and complete storing experience for you.

storage space for rent

They also have 27/7 CCTV cameras, and roving security guards to make sure everyone's stuff is safe.

storage space for rent

But Safehouse Storage is more than just storing. They also do the following services:

  • Packing
  • Transporting
  • Record management and archiving
  • Customized racking and tracking system
  • Barcode system
  • Insurance with a starting coverage of P100,000
  • On-site auctions with the Company’s accredited wholesale buyers for items clients want to dispose

        So SafeHouse is actually more than storing. They can be your expert packing, transporting, and archiving assistants as well! Such a brilliant idea that I'm glad has reached the Philippine shores!

        For more information on SafeHouse Storage, check out or like their Facebook page .

For inquiries, you may call:
+632 922-9625
+632 966-0856
+632 478-1985

Note: Safehouse photos provided by Ogilvy PR


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