Monday, August 4, 2014

Sundalong Kanin: A Cinemalaya Finalist Movie by Janice O'Hara

        SUNDALONG KANIN. A movie about 4 boys out to prove that they’re ready for battle against the Japanese army. But what started as friendship lead to anger and despair as they needed to face each other as enemies.

        As a mom, I’ve been very sensitive about movies concerning babies or children. And by sensitive, I mean I become a CRY BABY hahaha! I’m curious as to what to expect from this CINEMALAYA FINALIST MOVIE directed by Janice O’Hara. But I’ve been hearing nothing but positive things about it!

        Sundalong Kanin is now showing in all Ayala Malls at 4pm, Greenbelt 3 at 4pm, ATC cinema 4 at 4PM. Come and watch and support the Philippine movie industry!


sundalong kanin

        The movie sets back in 1941 when the Philippines was caught in a war between other countries, and sadly, innocent people were being killed. But in the small town of San Nicolas, four boys (Badong, Carding, Benny, and Nitoy) felt that this was an opportunity to prove that they were mature enough to fight for their country. 

sundalong kanin

        But with their arrows and slingshots, and of course their age, no one, especially the guerillas, were taking them seriously. But that never stopped them from continuing their mission. They spied on the Japanese soldiers that were now occupying their school. And then they passed valuable information on to the guerillas. 

sundalong kanin

        But the plot thickens when the people they love unfortunately become victims of the war. Because then now they have to face each other, not as friends, but as foes.  Each with the mission to avenge their families, continue to fight like a soldier to protect the people that they love.

About the Director:

sundalong kanin

        Janice O’Hara was a student of Comparative Literature at UP Diliman. She dropped out of college to work even before graduating and started as a concept developer in ABS-CBN.

        Then she became a writer for a horror show called “Nginiig!”, and other shows such as “Super Inggo,” Kung Fu Kids,” “Alyna,” “Nasaan ka Elisa?,” and the recently ended “Maria Mercedes.”

        Janice's first Cinemalaya film experience started when she wrote the screenplay for “Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio,”  which was directed by Mario O’Hara. The year after that, she was a consultant on the film of of Joseph Laban called “Cuchera”.

        This year proves to be a big year for Janice as she takes a break from her teleseryes and moves on to the big screen by directing “Sundalong Kanin,”,a finalist in this year’s Cinemalaya Festival.

Note: Details and photos taken from the Sundalong Kanin Official Website and screenshots from the trailer.


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