Friday, September 5, 2014

Cute Sandwich Cutters from The Bento Mommas

bento tools

        During the Bento workshop I attended a couple of days ago held by the Bento Mommas, I was able to purchase these cool bread cutters / molders. Even though I haven't experienced using one of these, I bought 2 designs anyway because they were just so darn cute! Not to mention that I believe this will help make my little Rainbow excited to eat her sandwich hehehe. 

        But here's what I bought first...

hello kitty bread cutter

A pair of Hello Kitty cutters for the little Rainbow (P140)

star wars bread cutter

And a set of Star Wars cutters (P200) for The Pickiest Eater. (The force is strong in this one!)

rolling pin

        During the Bento session, The Bento Mommas showed us that it's better if you press the bread with a rolling pin. This way, it will be easier and more firm to cut with a cookie cutter. And the print from the mold will be clearer.  

friends mug

        But since we don't have a rolling pin at home, I improvised by using a mug. Hahaha! And it worked pretty well. 

hello kitty bread cutter

After the rolling action, I started cutting away! I ate the sides hehe. No leftovers! ;-)

 hello kitty sandwich

And behold, Hello Kitty Cheese Sandwich!

star wars sandwich

And Star Wars cheese sandwiches! They look pretty good, I'd say!

bento tools

        I can't wait to buy more of these babies! It's addicting! And  somewhat therapeutic. Haha! Look at how many stuff they have! It's quite cloying! I love it!!!

mickey bread cutter

I wanted to buy this big Mickey Mouse but it was a bit more expensive (P400). Next time!

mickey and minnie bread cutter

I'll definitely get this Mickey and Minnie soon!

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  1. So cute ( ^_^)/ Where can I buy one ?

    1. Hi Vanessa! I purchased these from The Bento Mommas! :-) See link above! :-)

  2. Thank you for blogging about us, Rina! Hello and hugs to Rain! xx - Kaye

    1. But of course! It's something really fun to share!:-)

  3. A very helpful post :) Do they a store whre we can browse and buy items from other than online shopping thru their FB? Thanks in adv ;)


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