Friday, September 19, 2014

heyÜ! PLDT Has A Cool New Communication App! (Plus Win a Samsung Galaxy S5!)

PLDT hey u app

        A lot of Filipinos now are getting more techie. I, for one have more and more aunts and uncles that are even more active in Facebook than me. Everyone’s on Facebook, and everyone has different kinds of chat apps that the normal texting and calling is not used as much anymore. I mean who needs to when you can do it all over an app, as long as you’re connected on the internet, right? Almost everyone is almost always online.

PLDT hey u app

        I’ve lost count but there are honestly a lot of chat apps that you can download over the internet nowadays. And I believe it continuously grows as I type. But which one is best worldwide? I guess it’s really hard to tell and it depends on each person’s needs. But if you’re looking for an app that you can use for easy communication between you and your family, there’s a new app you can use made for Filipinos by PLDT. It’s the new PLDT heyÜ app!

PLDT hey u app

        What makes it different from all the other apps? First of all, it’s backed up by the power of PLDT. It’s made by PLDT, designed by PLDT. So if it means it was made by the Philippine Long Distance company, it should be pretty crystal clear.

Unlimited Voice Calls

PLDT hey u app

        Voice calls from heyÜ to heyÜ subscribers are free and unlimited (as all other communication apps) but the kicker is that heyÜ subscribers can also contact PLDT landlines nationwide too! And guess what? They’re free and unlimited too! I guess we can all agree that it’s definitely a great value for money!

Best Call Rates

        heyÜ also offers the best, value-for-money call rates not just here in the Philippines, but abroad as well. You won’t have to get a fear of heart attack when you receive your phone bill.

        When you make a call to Smart, Talk 'N Text, and Sun subscribers, the rate is only P5 per minute. IDD calls to US, Canada, and Hawaii on the other hand are as low as P1.50 per minute.

Unique Messaging Features

PLDT hey u app

        And of course, there’s instant messaging. Of course you can send instant messages for free, you’ll have the ability to create lots of group chats, send photos, send audio recording, send videos, and your location.

PLDT hey u app

         You can also video call your loved ones for that added peace of mind to see that they’re okay... Or for moments when you really really miss them and need to see them :-)

PLDT hey u app

        You’ll never have boring chats with heyÜ because of their fun and colorful stickers and emojis (emoticons).

PLDT hey u app

        Another cool feature is the secret messaging which is ideally used for planning surprises, like surprise parties for example. I’m not yet exactly sure how it works but it sounds pretty cool! I also heard that there’s auto-buddy matching, application geo-locking, and application geo-blocking.

        Going back to messaging, I just want to share that I personally like to see if my message has been delivered or read by the one I’m chatting with. So I’ll be confident that my message has reached that person, especially when it’s something important or urgent.

        Good thing the heyÜ app indicates those. You can also see if the other end is “typing”.

How to Download

-First, download the app
-Tap the REGISTER button
-You will be asked to put your account detains and PLDT account number

-As soon as you complete the form and verify your account, an email will be sent to you confirming your log-in details.

You’re almost ready!

-Now just launch the heyÜ app
-Enter your log in details (use the password stated in the email sent to you)

        That’s technically it! Oh and I almost forgot... If you register on heyÜ before October 18, you get the chance to...

Win a Galaxy S5!!!

samsung galaxy s5
Photo grabbed from GSM Arena

        Three (3) lucky heyÜ winners will get their hands on this awesome Samsung Galaxy S5! PLus 10 bluetooth speakers, and lots of gift certificates! Check out the easy mechanics below!

hey u pldt promo

Alternatively you may also check out the promo mechanics here.

        I personally am excited to start using the heyÜ app to experience fun and seamless communication with my husband, sister, cousins, close friends, old office mates, old school mates, the list just goes on and on and on!

Watch the PLDT heyÜ viral video here!

To learn more about the heyÜ app, log on to !

Photo credits: Screen grabed from PLDT heyÜ video


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