Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Made A Bento Box with OREOS!

bento making

        I have been seeing a lot of bento posts on Instagram from TheBentoMommas and all I could think about was how the H*** do these moms have time to do these intricate lunch boxes?!? They all look so cute, and sometimes they look like the real characters they're trying to make. Sure, I don't really need to make bento boxes yet because my little Rainbow hasn't even started schooling yet. But the creative person in me is yelling "That's easy! I can totally do that!". So finally I was fortunate enough be invited by Oreo to a Bento-Making event. And boy, was I wrong. It's not that easy at all!

bento making

Here's what I had to make: AN OREO SPIDER BENTO!!!


oreo transformers

I'm so glad we're doing this with Oreo cookies!!! It's so much more fun!

bento making

        So anyway, here's the materials I had when creating the Spider Bento. A good bento box (any container, really as long as it's air tight and spill-proof), chocolate bread, an apple, an orange (because bentos always have to be balanced so you need a lot of healthy stuff in there too! There should be carbs, fiber, and meat of course for savory bento meals), and to add a dash of decor, use decorative cups as dividers.

bento making

        I started by cutting the chocolate bread into a a circle for the spider's body. I was going to make a spider sandwich! I put cheese spread in between.

        Next, I got some strawberry creme Oreos and carefully took out the pink filling, and cut two small circles to use for the eyes. You can use a fat straw as your cutter. You know, the ones used for milk tea with pearls. Then I added chocolate chips for spidey's pupils.

        Next, I got some PrimeBerry creme Oreo filling, and cut it into a mouth using my bare (but clean) hands. It's just like molding clay.

        Rain was starting to get cranky already but the Oreo calmed her down hehehe ;-) Even if her attention span is too short to participate in making my bento project, I still had her with me because after all, things are always better together! ;-) 

        Actually, she did participate in something... finishing all the grapes. (Sorry table-mates! *nervous laughter*)

bento making

        Next up, the legs. There were some pretzels there so I used those and stuck them on the sides in between the chocolate bread sandwich. Four on each side. Then that was basically it! All I needed to add now was the fruits, and more Oreos! Yum!!!

spider bento

        TADA!!!!!! Behold! My Spidey Sandwich Bento!!! (As you can see I made last minute changes on spidey's mouth. I wanted a bigger wackier grin so I used an orange slice instead hehehe. I also added that grassy thingy to add more color. Do you like it? :-) I hope!

In case it wasn't obvious, this was my peg hahaha. Just saw it from Google image> Just couldn't get the pretzels to bend that way.

oreo cat

        There are many more bento creatures you can create with Oreos! Check how Michelle of made this awesome cat with Oreos as one of her major ingredients! 


        You can use a lot of other candies and sprinkles to make your bento more fun! Next time, I'll share with you how I did a bear out of brown rice! 

        The most important reminder that I learned from this Bento-Making session is that you need not be an experienced cook to make something this beautiful. All you need is good kitchen sanitary practices, maybe a little bit of each of the food groups in one box, and of course, last but definitely not the least, a sprinkle of imagination and a dash of creativity!

        Thank you so much Oreos for having me in this fun Bento-Making event! I can safely say I'm sort of ready to make fun,pretty, and delicious snacks for my little Rainbow!


  1. Buti ka pa you had a lot of pics, so nice! It was a really fun activity for everyone, and I'm glad you joined us! :) Thanks for the link back!

    1. Kulang nga ng step by step ni spidey eh haha! I got into it na that I forgot to take step by step close up photos haha! Your Oreo cat is so cute kasi kaya I wanted to share it too haha! Thanks again Michelle and the rest of the SoMoms for inviting me over!:-)

  2. Hi, where do you get the sprinklers? Thanks.

    1. Hi Len! It was just provided to us during the event but I'm sure you can buy those from Goldilocks, leading supermarkets, or other bake shops ;-)