Saturday, October 11, 2014

Archaic Era Customized Perfumes

his and hers perfume

        Kat from A View From The Leftie, Not only is she a left-handed blogger with a bubbly personality, but she's a girl with a real talent in chemistry! It was from her that I first smelled a matcha-scented perfume! And it smelled really good! Yep, you could say she really does know her way around the... uh... I want to say lab? 

        And kudos to her to taking her perfume-making talent to the next level by creating these amazing personalized perfumes in personalized bottles! Introducing Archaic Era!

personalized box

She gave it to us in these DIY personalized box.

his and hers perfume

        I was really surprised as soon as I opened it. I had no idea what to expect. And I was delighted that it was a his and hers perfume set with our photos on the bottle! No wonder she was digging up our photos on Facebook to surprise us! (She's not a stalker. We're friends. Hahaha!) It's easy to order too!

perfume bottles

Step 1 - Choose your bottle. Thought you should know as well that her bottles are from Italy. 

Step 2 - Choose your scent, or you can tell Kat what type of scent you want and she can create one for you. She actually has over 200 scents! She doesn't let the quality of her scents suffer. She's very particular about that. The scent really stays until the end of the day!

Step 3 - Bottle design

box sizes

Step 4 - Choose box. And that's that!

his and hers perfume

        This will definitely make for a great Christmas gift, or any holiday gift, and also this would work as awesome wedding or debut souvenirs!

        For more information, like Archaic Era's Facebook Page, and follow her too on Instagram: archaic.era


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