Thursday, October 23, 2014

Splurge in Memories: Mascots For Your Special Parties!

        I remember when I was a little girl, I was in love with the Disney animation Aladdin. At night before I went to sleep, I would often dream about personally meeting these characters and being BFFs with them. But what hurt was that I knew that it could only be a dream. I know all kids are like this up to a certain age. They idolize certain characters so much that they want these characters to be real. So imagine the delight of a child when they see a certain character come to life and actually interact with them? That, dear parents, is priceless! 

princess sofia mascot

        Here is my little celebrant during her birthday, trying to process if what she's seeing is actually a familiar happy snowman that she only sees in the screen... Who is it?....

Olaf mascot

It's Olaf!!!!

        We got Olaf from Splurge in Memories (SIM) - Mascots and other party needs! Thank you to the sweet Jane Go of Sugar and Spice for referring them to me just in time for Rain's Royal Ball! She knows how much Rain loves Frozen. And she knew that SIM had an Olaf mascot. And that's how I got in touch with Rob Esquillo, owner of SIM. He's really very easy to work with and very organized. 

        Caz, the person who was going to be Olaf, was the very first supplier at our venue. In fact, he even arrived before me. He is really super nice and I love how he takes initiative. As soon as I arrived, he approached me and introduced himself and said that he will just coordinate with the host regarding the program as soon as they arrive. So he will know when his part will be. I loved that I didn't have to worry about that! So as soon as the magician and the host arrived, they started coordinating and plotting out the program while I took care of other things.

        And another thing I truly appreciated was how he volunteered to help me put up last minute decorations for the party...

Me: "Are you sure it's okay?"

Caz answering with a smile: "Opo naman! Kaysa naman po naka upo lang ako dyan" :-) (Of course! Rather than me just sitting around doing nothing)

Such a sweetheart!

Olaf mascot

        Then finally, the party started, games started, then the magician did his thing, and finally, it was Olaf's time. The host introduced the "special guest" over the mic and then on cue, Olaf came out from the dark! It was so dramatic! And Rain couldn't believe her eyes!

Olaf mascot

        It was my first time to have our own party with a mascot so I thought it was just going to be like a meet-and-greet thing. But he had a dance number prepared with funny dance steps that got the kids laughing! (Oh Olaf!)

Olaf mascot

Olaf mascot

After the cute dance number, they called in everyone for picture taking.

Olaf mascot

        Olaf with Rain and Yaya Joy! She kept reminding me earlier that she she wanted to have a photo with Rain and Olaf hehehe so there ya go!

Olaf mascot

A family picture with Olaf!

Olaf mascot

        And then, our adorable little Rainbow took Olaf's hand... eeer... twig, and actually walked him around the place, like she was showing Olaf off to all the guests. It was so adorable!

Olaf mascot

Olaf mascot

Holding hands while walking, on the way back to the stage

A video posted by Rina Zamora 🌈 (@rinasrainbow) on

And I was happy that despite all my running around, I was able to take this short video! Yay!


        And then finally, it was time for cake blowing! And I was so thrilled that Olaf also joined us for this special moment.

        All in all, I had nothing but a good experience with Splurge in Memories. The smile on my little one's face and the fact that even days after her party, she kept saying "Have fun with Olaf! Have fun with Olaf!" made it all so worth it!

        Splurge in Memories rents out Class A Mascots but also does balloon decor, styro backdrops, food carts, and also has other entertainments such as Class A Host Magicians, acrobats, and more. He was also able to help provide some tables and chairs for us at the last minute. Life saver!

        Check out their other mascots and other happy (and may I say popular!) people that have experienced their excellent service:

Hello Kitty Mascot

Gladys Reyes and Liezel Martinez with Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Mascot

Marian Rivera with Hello Kitty

Barney Mascot

Charmaine Arnaiz, Anne Curtis, and Team Kramer with Barney! 

Minion Mascot

Keempee De Leon with a Minion!

Mickey Mouse mascot

Mickey Mouse!

toy story mascots

Toy Story stars Woody and Buzz Lightyear!

Elmo mascot


elmo and cookie monster mascot

Cookie Monster and Elmo

spongebob squarepants mascot

SpongeBob and Squarepants. Just kidding. 
Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick!

        For inquiries, please contact Rob Esquillo at 09178070852 (txt/viber/whatsapp); or call their landline (02) 2166555.  Or check their account in Facebook: Splurge InMemories


  1. Yaaaaaaay!!! <3 Super happy to be of service to my favorite Zamora family! :-* I'm glad Rain loved Olaf's surprise visit.

    1. Glad you suggested Olaf! :-) I think it was the highlight of her day talaga! :-) Thanks again Janey!!! :-)

  2. I hope my daughter is not afraid of mascots. She loves Jollibee, kaso pag andyan na ang mascot, iiyak na sya. Sigh...:-(

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