Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Staycation at Oakwood Premier Manila

oakwood premier

        I have always loved Ortigas Center. For me it's like Makati but to a smaller scale, which is better because it means everything is walking distance. I enjoyed working there during my on-the-job training until my real first work, and 2nd work, and so on. There are 3 malls, a huge beautiful hospital, and lots and lots of restaurants to dine in. And yes, there are a good selection of hotels too! And one of your best bets would be the 2014 Traveler's Choice Winner of Trip Advisor. Oakwood Premier Manila! 

oakwood premier

oakwood premier

        We had great pleasure to experience an overnight stay there with our little Rainbow. From the outside, it's a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. Bigger and very beautiful! Everything about Oakwood Premier is classy. From the restaurant to the rooms, to the amenities.  

oakwood premier

        Oakwood has actually been in Ortigas Center for quite some time now, and in fact, they have been catering mostly to ADB ex pats. Some have been staying with them for years because Oakwood is also a service apartment. And a very beautiful one at that!

oakwood premier

        Oakwood suites are very specious. Very. We were checked in in a beautiful one-bedroom deluxe suite. look at that living room space! 

oakwood premier

The suite has a dining area which will greet you when you enter the suite. 

oakwood premier

        And this is where we found the lovely welcome gift from Oakwood! Wine for me and Richie, and something really cool and cute from Mothercare for the little Rainbow! 

gift tag

Such an amazing way of welcoming us to this relaxing staycation! 

        It's her new BFF named Violet that reads books to her! :-) She carried Violet anywhere she went starting that very moment! 

With the pretty @aleahlavet of @oakwoodpremiermanila :-) had so much fun Aleah! 👍🌟🌈

        A huge THANK YOU to Miss Aleah, Oakwood's PR and Marketing Communications Executive, for going the extra mile in preparing this special surprise for the little Rainbow! ) My little one really loved it!

oakwood premier

Rain with Violet at "her desk". Do not disturb!

And now, the bedroom...

oakwood premier

(Enter dramatic inspiring music!)

What did I tell you? Classy, right? And look at all that space around the bed!

oakwood premier

        More space by the foot of the bed. Of course there's a flat screen TV, a desk, or what was supposed to be Richie's blogging nook. But we were so relaxed that the laptop didn't even see what the room looked like. It stayed inside the bag hehe.

oakwood premier

        There's another surprise... The bathroom has a huge picture window by the bathtub! :-) Don't worry you can close the shutters for some privacy!

bathroom window

bathtub and tv

        Aaaaand the bathtub! I really love their tubs! Again, classy! Oh but wait! What's that black square thing on the counter?...

tub and tv

        A TV! Yes, a TV inside the bathroom by the tub. (Special gues appearance, Rain's PinyPons. I was actually drawing a bath for Rain at this photo hehe) She really loved her relaxing bath while watching Little Mermaid on Disney Junior.

steam bath and shower

        It also has a shower. Notice how it has a wooden chair inside. Perhaps you're wondering if this is a steam bath too?

steam bath controls

Yes it is! Just by the mirror you will see the oval control for the steam bath! 


The toilette. Still, very spacious!

hotel toiletries

        Bath products. I forgot to take a photo but they have the biggest toothpaste I've seen in all hotels I've been to. It's like the smallest size of toothpaste in the market, not the usual miniature ones that's practically good for one or two uses only. Oakwood's complimentary toothpaste is probably good for one week for the whole family.

Heated Pools!

heated pool

        If you ask me, one of the highlights of our stay at Oakwood Premier was the heated indoor pools. I didn't need to worry about Rain feeling cold, or me feeling cold for that matter because if you ask her, she doesn't care as long as she's swimming haha! The water's really great!

heated pool

Day 1 of swimming!


        At the other end of the pool is a heated Jacuzzi which has a warmer temperature compared to the pool. Moms and dads will really get a kick out of this. It's so relaxing!  


        But it's also not too hot for kids. Rain really enjoyed this too especially because of the bubbles. Look, she can't take her eyes off it.

Breakfast at Oakroom Restaurant and Bar


        Oakwood's restaurant called Oakroom Restaurant and Bar is not that huge compared to other big hotels. But it's very nicely made. It's got very nice and comfortable chairs, they even have big couches by the windows.

buffet area

Here's the buffet area

omelette station

The omelette station

chocolate chip pancakes

I made me and Rain some chocolate chip pancakes!

bacon and eggs

And of course, I can never ever let the bacon and fluffy eggs pass!

        Oakroom Bar has lots of buffet themes from time to time that are very affordable and gives you great value for your money. Like the Tex-Mex Fiesta Grande. Indulge in Mexican favorites coupled with margatitas every Friday night from 6pm to 10pm for only P990+++ per person. A great way to unwind and end the work week! Read all about it here

The Play Room

kiddie slide

        Oakwood has a play room at the 5th floor. It's basically a huge room with lots of dolls and then a slide at the center. It was actually a karaoke room before. Hence the huge couch.But it worked out pretty well because then the parents or guardians will have a place to sit and relax while watching their kids play.


        Also, because of the big couches, the huge flat screen TV, and all the stuffed toys around, it just felt like you were in a pretty play room at home. Very relaxing. 

mother and daughter playing

We enjoyed riding on the big stuffed toys!

elephant doll

Daddy too had a fun! 

Amazing Accommodation Promo! Read this part or you'll be sorry!

        With Oakwood's Moonsoon Promotion, you can book a one-bedroom deluxe suite for only P8,500+++ and get a 2nd night for FREE!!! So that's basically just P8,500+++ for two nights! That's hell-a-cheap!!!! Here's the full details:

One-Bedroom Deluxe at PHP 8,500 +++
Two-Bedroom Executive at PHP 12,500+++

· Second night accommodation is FREE!
· 25% discount on buffet breakfast
· Complimentary WiFi internet access
· Access to heated indoor pool and gym
· Complimentary late check out at 3PM (subject to availability) 

        This promotion has been doing so well that it was extended until November 30, 2014! Better take advantage of this now!

        You may also take advantage of their Stay Wine and Dine Promotion wherein you can avail of the delicious 3 course meal with a beautiful set-up in your own suite! More details here.

oakwood heated pool

Before leaving, one last dip in the pool!

        Thank you so much Oakwood Premier for our superb overnight stay! From the beautiful and comfortable rooms, to the delicious food, to the exquisite pools. We loved every minute of it!

Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600,

Tel: (63-2) 637 7888 / (63-2) 910 8888
Fax: (63-2) 706 7777
Email: premiermanila@oakwoodasia.com

Follow them on Facebook at Oakwood Manila


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